A Dreamy Seascape Detail That Wont Get Stale- Design Sponge DIY Paper Clay Barnacles

I simply can not believe that it is mid-July!  I am flabbergasted and diggin my heels in heard as I dont want summer to be gone just yet, but I digress…  With summer though comes beach weddings & with beach weddings comes all kinds of nautical flavored decor elements floating around these stunning seaside weddings.

A Dreamy Seascape Detail That Wont Get Stale- Design Sponge DIY Paper Clay BarnaclesWhen I stumbled upon these Design Sponge DIY Paper Clay Barnacles, I knew I had to pass them along!  These are an absolutely fantastic, seemingly simple & inexpensive way to bring out that sea life to your wedding.  I feel that used in the right places, with the right reserved hand, these lil guys can really sing!  I also absolutely  love what DS suggests at the end of the post, by painting some of your barnacles in a wash of ocean inspired hues bringing seascape full circle!  I think a genius idea as well might be to tie this in with your cake, having some well placed barnacles adorning a tier or 2!  Either way, this is a fantastic idea and as far as ocean themes go, an avenue one doesnt see too often.  Everyone plays with sea shells, starfish and so much more, so why not bring a new touch!  Xo-Jess!


*Update Already!

A Dreamy Seascape Detail That Wont Get Stale- Design Sponge DIY Paper Clay BarnaclesThanks to the wonderful Jennifer Gillespie of Calligraphy by Jennifer & her awe-inspiring pins on Pinterest, I ran across this cake just now and it happens to fit wonderfully with today’s DIY!  This cake is from the yummy Connie’s Cupcake.  So why does this cake work?  There are actually 2 reasons that this cake works really well with a sea loving them.  Firstly, the twiglike work around the edges of the cake can easily lend themselves to a sea grass feel.  The second & more obvious reason is the flowers draped from top to bottom on the three tiers.  It is the shape in particular of these lovely sugar flowers that easily resemble our barnacles bit in a  more romantic feminine female cousin kind of way!  This is a wonderful play on a sea feel, especially when in other decor areas the theme of ocean is expressed more strongly.  This particular shape of flower is a great way to bridge between obvious ocean life & not wanting to completely let go of more traditional  touches on your wedding cake.

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