A Simple Spruce Up to Mason Jar Vases

A Simple Spruce Up to Mason Jar Vases

I adore this ever so simple spruce up to really, any container, that you could put flowers in.  A Beautiful Mess goes over simple step by step instructions on how to add a lovely touch, that can totally change any container.  In her post, she suggests mason jars, though I think you could likely work with a variety of containers, not solely mason jars.  Also, why stop at just using metal screen?  Grab some amazing thicker paper stock scrapbook paper, a cut out, and have a go at making your own unique creation.  Use this great DIY as a springboard for wherever your imagination may lead you!   A Beautiful Mess Flower Vase DIY

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  1. Lisa

    OMG! This is such a great DIY. I just went to look to see where I could order chrysanthemums and found them at http://www.bloomsbythebox.com for really cheap! I am totally doing this DIY at my wedding! You are seriously saving me money with theses ideas, thank you!