A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

I’ve got a bone to pick you guys.  Truth be told, its more of an ‘oh come on you can do something more interesting then that’ bone!  Naturally I see my fair share of wedding invitations & accompanying that, how they are presented as a whole package.  I think that a lot of couples don’t really see a high level of importance when it comes to the invitation phase of their planning and as such tend to take a  more ‘just get them in the mail’ mentality.  While thats all well and good, it goes completely against something I truly believe in which is that your invitations set the tone for what your wedding will be like, as well as relate directly to how the day will look.  This might be a task that is easier said then done when you feel you arent even fully what that day will look like, but there are elements that can help no matter what direction you end up taking.

A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press GiveawayThe more interesting bone that I was speaking of is a super ignored area in the entire invitation program, branding & the return address.  Yup you heard me, these 2 little things are small little elements that can make all the difference.  I often find the return address is an invitation killer.  IF there is even a return address {crazy but it happens}, its typically a straight forward version, non-laid out address printed with one of the companies 4-6 basic font type options available.  The address interestingly designed in any fashion, its simply line 1, 2 & 3, no intrigue, its just…. there, at best.  The irony is that doing something like this is typically a $35 up charge on your order!  So just to recap, a boringly put together basic font type return address, costs you money.  Now when I mention branding, I am not necessarily speaking of a full on couple logo that is nauseatingly displayed at every turn, I am however, speaking of places where a gentle reminder can be placed about the couple, something cute & uniquely the couple.

A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

The good thing is I have a pretty gorgeous alternative for you….. stamps!  Without even trying, stamps have a certain feeling of care & coolness about them.  Overall I feel stamps are totally underutilized in weddings which is a bummer because they can be so perfectly customized to do literally anything!  One example is dear to my heart which is that for my own wedding, for the menu piece of our sit down dinner, I created the layout of the full menu then turned into a giant stamp, stamping it onto vintage postcards.  They were a giant hit and while the stamp is nothing new, it brings an inherit vintage/retro quality which can easily be modernized depending on the design & fonts that you work with.  There is something special about stamps, trust me!

A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

So here is the good news!  I couldnt very well lead you down a path to doing something differently, giving you the keys to up your invitation game, without connecting you with one of my most favorite design & stationary houses, Sycamore Street Press!  What a I love about Sycamore is two fold, one they are family owned & operated company and what that says to me is there is always going to be that extra level of care & attention to detail and you can never have too much of that!  Additionally, Sycamore hand draws & personally designs each of their creations capturing simple classic moments that are just down right beautiful!  In addition to their gorgeous collection of wedding invitations, each thoughtful & creative, they have the perfect answer to the return address ‘dilemma’….. customized stamps which I am literally dying over they are so perfect!

A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

From elegant florals to something much more whimsical like a bear or antlers, these well thought out designs offer a whole lot of awesome in such a tight little package.  Imagine receiving a wedding invitation with one of these beauties stamped onto the back, you’re going to notice!  What I love is that with a few choice designs, there is a pretty wide range that will work for about every couple, especially when you consider that these are only slightly more the price of the standard return address that is printed by others.  Additionally, you can use these again! There is literally no rule, no etiquette no no that says you can not use the same stamp that you used for your wedding, after the wedding.  Think about it, your going to need to mail Thank You letters, if you’re holiday card people, you can use them there again, the stamp will pay for itself in no time!  Here’s the beautiful thing, the amazing folks over at Sycamore Street are not only giving you a promo code for FREE SHIPPING enter code: STORYBOARD {good through Monday January 27th}, they are giving away one of their gorgeous customized monogram stamps to you!


Sycamore Street Press Custom Monogram Stamp Giveaway Rules:


1. ‘Like’ Sycamore Street & Storyboard Wedding‘s Facebook Pages

2. Visit Sycamore Street & explore their gorgeous offerings: Click HERE

3. Post a comment below telling us Why You Love Sycamore &  What Your Favorite Item is!

Thats it!  The winner will be chosen at random by the end of day on January 27th and will be announced on January 28th on our Facebook page!  All the more reason to make sure you’ve liked us on Facebook!  Do be sure to enter your email address correctly otherwise we won’t be able to tell you that you’ve won!  Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING – enter code: STORYBOARD {good through Monday January 27th}, all weekend long also!  There is no reason not to grab those gorgeous invitations now!  Best of luck to all who enter & we can’t wait to hear what you guys love most!

A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

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  1. Ange Candell

    I adore custom anything….especially for weddings. Sycamore’s style is so elegant and pretty….it would go so well with my garden-themed wedding! My favorite item is the Daisy Monogram Custom Stamp. 🙂

  2. Becka Nix

    I love how natural and organic the styles and fonts are. They’re beautiful without a whole lot of fuss! The Lily Return Address is my favorite stamp though the Geometric is a close second!

  3. JenniferJ

    I love the idea of doing a custom return address stamp for the wedding. It would really give it a unique and personal look. I especially love the Branches Return Address Stamp. It would go perfectly for our vineyard wedding next year!

  4. Kaitie Gordon

    I love simple, graphic prints and arrows have a special meaning for me. Of course, it is important to support small businesses. My favorite item is the arrows return address stamp but that penguin wrapping paper is SO cute!

  5. Stacy Lake

    I really love the idea of custom return addresses without dealing with the actual labels! I also love all designs on sycamore street press but my favorite is definitely the arrows design and the bear and mountain (if I ever moved west)

  6. Brittany Broussard

    I love how Sycamore is about the beauty in the details. The hand drawn fonts give their designs an organic quality and I love the nod to nature, especially the animals. My favorite item has to be the Bear Return Address Custom Stamp, but I was also quite smitten with the reindeer Holiday Card.

  7. Damaris Mia

    Oh my! These are so pretty. I especially love the arrows return address stamp! I love the organic style of Sycamore Street Press!

  8. Angela

    I love their whimsical style! The So Happy Together Letterpress Art Print is so fun!

  9. Sarah

    I like Sycamore Press because of the uniqueness of the paper choices! I love the penguin gift wrap!

  10. Erin M

    I love that Sycamore Street’s stamps are hand-drawn! Such a beautiful touch! My favourite has got to be the geometric monogram – having a touch of OCD means I’m OBSESSED with symmetry and this is just perfect. Could really see our ‘e & p’ initials cosied up nicely together in that design when we stamp it onto the invites we’ll be sending out in a month or two.

  11. Cassie Dexter

    First of all, thank you for sharing SSP! I’m completely feeling their style. It is so organic and fun. Because I am getting married next November, I am in the habit of checking for wedding invitations. My favorite is the Rosebud Branch Wedding Invitation. It would go great with the feel of our wedding and I would love to use the customized stamp all over them 🙂

  12. Nadia

    Oh my! I am so in love with the branches Return Address, I would love to use it for my business <3

  13. Jessica

    Very cute invitations!

  14. Eileen Lyle

    J’adore Sycamore because their designs are so unique and I have a special place in my heart for outdoor themes. My favorite stamps are the Branches return address and monogram. Love the design!

  15. Desiree

    Love the hand drawn effects and how sweet would they look with orange blossoms and a tiny FL shape…just sayin’ 😉

  16. Laura

    I love Sycamore Press because they are the perfect match of whimsy and simplicity. Light and fun without being too ridiculous and with an edge of elegance.

    My favorite item is the Pinecone Wedding Invitation – I’m getting married in Maine in a barn in September and that would fit in perfectly with my rustic theme!

  17. Justyne M

    I love the simple beauty of Sycamore Style. My favorite item is the Flora Monogram Custom Stamp.

  18. Christina C

    I love how all the designs are so unique! I really like the Flora Return Address Custom Stamp

  19. Bianca Weaver

    My favorite you carry is the Lily monogram stamp press. It would go perfect with my theme of wedding! Thanks

  20. Kelly Hughes

    I LOVE the handmade, rustic vibe of these products! My favorite item is the lily monogram stamp

  21. brittany o

    These are amazing! The bear return address stamp is so so lovely and perfectly fits with our bear wedding theme!

  22. Emily

    Love the Lily return stamp. It would be perfect for my daughter’s wedding invitations. 🙂

  23. Sloane

    My fiance and I love the Bear custom stamp. We went to the same college and the bear is out mascot! It is the most perfect wedding detail for us.

  24. Kelsey Elkins

    I love the Branches Return Address stamps! How adorable! This would be so perfect for our upcoming wedding!!
    Kelsey Elkins

  25. Kelsey Abbott

    I could tell after a few seconds that Sycamore is a perfect place for me to look for my upcoming wedding. The rustic and shabby chic feel of the products matches my wedding theme perfectly. I haven’t sent out my invitations yet because I would like to have a stamp like these to add that extra special touch. Specifically the rose monogram custom stamp is my favorite because it would compliment my invitations very well. I hope I can win this because I love everything about this site!!

  26. Kelsey Abbott

    I could tell after a few seconds that Sycamore is the perfect place for me. The rustic and shabby chic feel of the website compliments my wedding theme very well. I also love Sycamore because it gives favors, invitations, and programs the personalized touch that it needs. I already have the perfect pink rose invitations, but I’m waiting to send them because I think a custom stamp would add something special. My favorite stamp is the Rose Monogram Custom Stamp.

  27. mackenzie raz

    I love, love, love the arrow return address stamp!

  28. Brittany Lynn

    Sycamore Street Press is my go to shop for gifts for both myself and others. Their designs are sweet, simple, and whimsical. I am getting married in the fall and would love to incorporate the branch monogram custom stamp into our wedding!

  29. Madison Nash

    I adore sycamore street press. I love their local and unique feel. I believe that supporting local business is the best way to have companies flourish. Each stamp is so creative and different than your run of the mill return address labels. Would love to win!! I’m an arrow girl at heart. Love the arrow stamp!

  30. Alyssa Rosenheck Photography

    Hello To The Beautiful Sycamore Street & Storyboard Wedding,

    The products and images are beautiful. My absolute favorite from Sycamore is “You Mean the World to Me Floral Foil Card”!! I have an engagement shoot coming up and would love to integrate this with the couple. Love your work!!!

    Warmest Wishes Xx,

    Alyssa Rosenheck Photography

  31. Savannah McGee

    I am currently employed at a small paper store in Florida. Stationery and design is my passion and I found Sycamore Street Press in the magazine “Stationey Trends.” I fell in love at first sight! They have beautiful items and such a fun instagram page. My favorite item is the scandi floral gift wrap…. and the french bulldog single card… and everything on the entire website.. Precious!

  32. Natasha S

    I love your whimsical style! My personal favorites are Branches Return Address Custom Stamp & Roger That Art Print (my fiancé is a pilot and would love this one!)

  33. Danielle

    I first fell in love with Sycamore Street Press at Swiss Days in Utah. They gave me a card, I looked them up when I got home and cannot get enough! I love the stamps with the arrows and the cacti. Can’t get enough!

  34. Hilary

    I love how SSP breaks the cookie cutter mould and adds personality to everyday things, in this case my favourite return mailing address stamp: the Bear Return Address Custom Stamp.

  35. Emily Pillen

    Love their custom stamps. The lily return address stamp is so beautiful. I would love to be the recipient of this giveaway!

  36. Allyse

    I love the Sycamore Street Press cards and how cute and unique they are! You could just go to a random store and get someone a card that millions of other people will have purchased or you can get something that stands apart from the crowd and I love that about the products available with Sycamore Street Press. My favorites are the Arrow Card, and the “I’m not ashamed to say You’re better than me” card. I also love that there are so many cards available in French! One of my best friends is a French Teacher and she loves getting handwritten notes so these cards are perfect.

  37. laurie

    I’ve loved sycamore street press since they started up several years ago. Beautifully designed products! Eva has such a unique and lovely illustration style that gives sycamore street press its own special look unlike any other letterpress company out there. Just lovely! I love these stamps, my favorite is probably the laurel return address, but its hard to pick!

  38. laurie allred

    I love sycamore street press! Eva creates the most beautiful and unique illustrations. Truly a quality product. I love the laurel return stamp, but they are all lovely.

  39. Christina

    I love all of Sycamore Press’s goodies, but especially the gorgeous stationary!!!

  40. sheri

    Eep! I hope Im not too late! I absolutely adore the Rose Monogram Stamp. It would be prefect for all our wedding stationary and decor! In love everything in the shop, it’s so hard to choose a favorite! Also, liked both pages on facebook…and instagram! Lol

  41. Autumn Soltysiak

    Beautiful style – I love all your stamps, the christmas cards were such a treat

  42. Rachel

    I love everything about Sycamore, including their sweet and clever greetings, their baby prints, and color choices.

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