{SBW Guest Post} From Beauty to Beast

Hello lovelies.  Its a bit of a long story that I cant quite get into I am afraid, but something personal has kept me pretty tied up this week & left me without the time for much else.  Fortunately some wonderful friends are stepping in today & tomorrow (I think!) with some FAB guest posts!  Stepping in for me today is the no bullshit Bitchless Bride.  Want it straight, ask BB, just be ready for a dose that doesnt always come sugar coated like that awesome strawberry bubblegum cough syrup we used to get as kids!

{SBW Guest Post} From Beauty to BeastWe’ve all experienced it. We’ve all gotten goose bumps as we watched the beautiful bride walk down an aisle strewn with rose petals. We’ve felt as a hush settles over the crowd. We’ve shifted in our seats so that we can get a glimpse of the magnificent white dress. The cameras begin clicking away. The bride is stunning. A vision. Breathtaking almost… And as she approaches her eagerly awaiting groom, there is a sparkle in her eye, and his eyes are shining as he sees her for the first time. He is holding back tears.

Yeah, now fast-forward six months please… You still see a sparkle? Still see a vision of beauty? The groom might be close to tears, but not because his bride is a vision of beauty. More like the beast. Huh? Well, there is something nobody tells you about marriage that BB would like to share with you. The first year usually sucks. And while I don’t have a full understanding of WHY this is true, I’ve heard it from several former brides, friends, and close family members that for some reason the day after you return from your honeymoon “the party” is truly over. Reality sinks in. You and your husband are in it together for the rest of your life. And the rest of your life is a long f*cking time!

Now that your wedding has come and gone, everything feels different somehow. And maybe it’s because your weekends are free now that you don’t have to tend to wedding responsibilities, or that your priorities have changed from wedding stuff to reality. But no matter what, the first year is hard. And this year might have you questioning why you even chose to get married in the first place. Why him? Why us? Because it goes well beyond only sharing your bed with one person… you’re in it for life.

{SBW Guest Post} From Beauty to BeastBut, relax because it gets better. Ladies, similar to your feelings of anxiety mixed with the excitement you felt while planning your wedding, you will begin to get used to your every day life, and it will go from feeling awkward to feeling wonderful. You just have to give it a little time. So please, put the beast away, talk instead of snap at your husband and enjoy the life you so eagerly wanted.



{SBW Guest Post} From Beauty to Beast


A foul mouthed wedding planner attempting to educate brides on bitch prevention?

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