Blanc et Noir, A Stunning Collection of Whites With A Dash of Black by Belle Fleur

I simply adore flowers.  I always have.  Certainly there are specific flowers that I  favor over others, but I find the more I look through arrangements & bouquets, the more my appreciation for the wonder of all flowers has really grown.  Believe it or not, there was a time I didnt really appreciate all white arrangements.  I knew they were pretty, but they werent really my thing.  Turns out, I have been wrong for some time now…

Blanc et Noir, A Stunning Collection of Whites With A Dash of Black by Belle Fleur*Blanc et Noir Bouquet by Belle Fleur

There is something very alluring to me about a strong, classic well designed group of the right ensemble of white flowers that is simply….powerful.  I believe that sometimes white bouquets are over looked for the simple fact that they arent introducing another color directly into the color palette.  However,  what we tend to forget is that white actually is a color, and a lovely color at that!

There are so many amazing various hues of white to work with, from your whitest white, to creams & ivories,  that the possibilities are endless.  Bring together the right combination of delicate flowers & you have a powerful statement without ever saying a word.  As I began looking around for an arrangement that gave voice to what I am trying to say, I stumbled upon New York City Florist Belle Fleur’s gorgeous Blanc & Noir bouquet.

I am in love with this bouquet!  The basis of the design for this bouquet is the use of soft whites, utilizing Lily of the Valley, who’s petals have a subtle wave to them giving a romantic look & feel.  Accompanying those soft waves are pops of a smaller Sweet Pea, giving a more ruffled look in certain areas, bring a bit more movement to the eye within the bouquet itself.  However its the focal point of the bouquet that truly arrests the eye.  The strong & every lovely Black Eyed White Anemone.  The black eyes of the anemone inject just the right amount of contrast to the bouquet, giving dimension & depth.  They command attention without being a distraction, yet are able to compliment the other flowers in the bouquet as well.

The beauty of working with whites is that they are timeless.  Not only am I speaking to years gone by, but to the time of year.  This arrangement will be just as fitting for a February wedding as it would for one in July.  You simply can not go wrong with whites.  I strongly suggest that if you are in a place where you simply dont know which direction to take, consider white arrangements as they will always lead you down the right path!

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