Cake as Art, Cake Opera Co

Cake as Art, Cake Opera CoI have a serious cake crush going on right now…like big time!  Yesterday I was directed to Colin Cowie’s post on the amazing ladies of Cake Opera Co.  When I headed over, I expected some lovely cakes to be sure, but what I was met with was shear couture pastry art.  It was a real show stopper moment for me.  What these 2 ladies are able to do with with pastry as a medium is incredible.  To me the word incredible doesnt really even do it justice.

The level of creativity in & of itself is simply beyond.  However, its really the attention to detail, & of course the superb level of execution, that takes these wondrous cakes from a simple food item, into gallery worthy.  The Keyhole Frog cake above is such a simplistic  idea, yet so amazingly conceived that it takes the idea to a whole new level.  Ladies, kissing this frog is sure to bring forth a few prince charmings!

Below I have put together a small sampling to further wet your appetites for these wonders of cake art.   For the full post on the lovely ladies, head to Colin Cowie.  Of course you can always peruse Cake Opera Co’s own site, filled with plenty more eye candy.  If you can secure these ladies for your wedding, consider yourself very fortunate!

Cake as Art, Cake Opera Co Cake as Art, Cake Opera Co Cake as Art, Cake Opera Co

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