1. Gorgeous Black Veils From Fashion Forward To Couture

    A long while back I did a feature on black birdcage veils. Its so interesting because at the time that I was hunting down gorgeous veils to feature, it was almost like pulling teeth to really find great veils of any sort in black, they simply weren't out there. As I addressed in my feature there is a strong stigma associated with the black veil, that of something that is worn pretty much solely to a funeral related function, and I find that really unfortunate. There is certain quality that black veils emit, that of something wonderfully regal and chic. There is an almost royal like quality to them, not something that the common man would typically wear. I was curious to see how the world has evolved in regards to black veils and my oh my, I am not let down!

  2. Kata Banko Couture Bridal Accessories Look Book

    No matter what kind of bride each of us identifies with, there are some truly amazing accessories out there to help us achieve our vision. Kata Banko Couture recently put together a look book of their newest pieces, some playful, some perfectly traditional, each with a certain touch that makes them unique. Structured organza, feather accents, gorgeous full bodied veils, Kata Banko Couture collection rides the line between the classic bride and those seeking a fashion forward look to their day. While headpieces are certainly the focal point to the collection, multi-strand pearl necklaces accompany jeweled sashes & ribbon accented bracelets which are my personal favorites. I'm loving the details of Kata's collection & I think you will too!

  3. Dreamy Late Fall Rustic Cabin Wedding With An Earthy Feel & Vintage Decor

    If you fall into a gorgeous late fall come winter dream, situated in a cabin in the woods, and it looks a little like this, don't be surprised because I am pretty sure this is what a lovely soft dream looks like! Ethereal, elegant and wonderfully stylish in the most perfect of home loving ways, this styled session from the Canadian duo of Sophie Asselin Photographe & La Mariée Bohème is everything. Wonderfully rustic, perfectly vintage, the room is filled with delightful trinkets from old hard cover volumes, old candle holders, hollow picture frames, clocks and so much more. A simple table is set with a gentle lace cloth, floral plates, & wood slices to elevate the gorgeous creamy blooms which are perfectly punctuated with sprigs of boisterous cotton heads. Not to be out done by her surroundings, our bride is a vision of sophistication and grace, styled in a fitted lace wedding dress, a playful assortment of bridal headpieces and utterly divine bronze kissed eye lids. Between the cabin come dream landscape, the gorgeous bride, and most intriguing of lighting, its easy to see why this session is such a dream!

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: Vintage Veil Luxury In Dots & Lace From Cheryl Taylor of Taylor Clarke Bridals

    I have a lil secret..... even though I personally didn't rock one, I have a MAJOR crush on veils. Now I'll be honest, I am NOT talking about your cookie cutter run of the mill plain tulle, good ol'lace trim, basic length veils. Sure they are fine enough, they just aren't my personal jam. To me, veils equal drama, mystic, prestige & sophistication, so if you're going to go down that road, GO.DOWN.THAT.ROAD, knowwhatimean!? I keep a special board on Pinterest called Lifting The Veil where I not so secretly stash away all of my most favorite looks that praise everything about the wonder that is veils. I am not kidding when I say I am pretty damn picky about what makes the cut for that board {there may have been a shot of two where I was wooed by the photography, but I digress...}. For me to love a veiled look, there needs to be a very special je ne sais quoi... Be it phenomenal lace, gorgeous trimmings, unique ways of styling... you name it.... I am not scared and I love everything about the playful & fashion forward genius that can be veil creation.