1. Sourcing Your Wedding Style & Wedding Inspiration From A Single Image

    Once upon another lifetime ago I touched on sourcing a wedding color palette from a non-wedding related image as inspiration. Its such a simple yet powerful way of going about the process that I wanted to breath new life into this idea along with how we can look for even more wedding related elements beyond just colors from a single image. An inspiration image can help you figure out far more than just your color palette, it can help direct you as far as the look and feel behind the styling of your wedding as well. From textural elements to a strong sense of theme, there is a lot to be learned from the images that draw us in.

  2. When Wedding Hair Breaks, The Secret To Securing Loose Locks Hairstyles

    Something every girl struggles with, whether its in day to day life, or most certainly at times when our hair is done specially for an event, are the moments when our hair style starts to undo itself. When it comes to wedding hair undoing itself, the intensity of the situation goes up a few clicks! Beauty editor Eden Di Bianco and I thought a quick guide on how to put broken wedding hair back together was pretty much essential and should really be a part of the bridesmaid 101 notebook, because let's be honest, your bride just might be too frazzled when she sees her wedding hair going in the wrong direction!

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: 9 Terrariums That Are Prime For The Centerpiece Spotlight

    I have to say the 'F' word guys, so please forgive me.... its almost fall.... Eek I know but like all things its getting close to the time where we move into a more earthy harvest type feel. Pretty much everyone is in love with succulents anymore, using them in everything from bouquets to centerpieces to escort cards, they have emerged as the earth friendly calling card of the wedding world. While their place is firmly cemented, there are arrangements that are gaining in popularity as well, even featuring a succulent or two, that are truly magical... terrariums. Otherwise known as self contained little worlds, terrariums are uniquely cool thanks to their invisible barrier wall that allows a peek into a natural setting. Mixes of moss, stones, sand, succulents, air plants and so forth are placed together creating something beyond lovely. They work so damn well thanks to their view into something that we are otherwise not exposed to, the layers of earthy & green that make up our natural world. Naturally terrariums evoke a warm earthy organic feel but they also have an element of whimsy working for them.

  4. 14 Scrumptious Desserts To Revamp This Summer’s Wedding Dessert Bars

    I have a sweet tooth. Ok... I have a gnarly sweet tooth, like last food for life kind of sweet tooth. I'd be lying if any time I went to any event, weddings included naturally, I wasn't straining my neck just a bit to get a preview to what scrumptious treats were bound to head my way. When we got married, having a dessert bar to compliment our wedding cake wasn't even a question, it was more like game on! Whether your hunting for unique new treats for your very own dessert bar or looking to reinvent the wedding treat all together, I have assembled some truly drool worthy sweets to serve as inspiration. As creativity gets stronger, inventive combinations brought together and the quality of product so much stronger, the possibilities are limitless and for that, I am ever so thankful!