1. Why It Works Wednesday: Dressed Up Casual Groomsmen

  2. Why It Works Wednesday: Casual Chic Tree Mounted Escort Card Display

    One of my favorite things to always be on the lookout for are the creative ways that people direct guests to their seats. I keep a coveted board devoted to these creative feats of whimsy called Find Your Seat on Pinterest. I'll be completely honest with you now, when I get a wedding submission & get to the escort card part of the day only to see fold over cards with names printed on them just sitting on a table, its feels like a big 'wah wah'. Don't get me wrong, I understand that not everyone feels that escort cards are worth their planning time or even creative juices, but there are such lovely things that can be done with just the smallest bit of effort, it really is worth it! Naturally there are all kinds of over the top, ultra involved ways to present guests with their seating arrangements as well, but those styles are not always for everyone. I came across a gorgeous escort card display from a real wedding on Style Me Pretty and I am in love with it, its the perfect example of how a small bit of forethought can be powerful. Its chic, its organic feeling, & at the root, simple.

  3. A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

    I've got a bone to pick you guys. Truth be told, its more of an 'oh come on you can do something more interesting then that' bone! Naturally I see my fair share of wedding invitations & accompanying that, how they are presented as a whole package. I think that a lot of couples don't really see a high level of importance when it comes to the invitation phase of their planning and as such tend to take a more 'just get them in the mail' mentality. While thats all well and good, it goes completely against something I truly believe in which is that your invitations set the tone for what your wedding will be like, as well as relate directly to how the day will look. This might be a task that is easier said then done when you feel you arent even fully what that day will look like, but there are elements that can help no matter what direction you end up taking.

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: Strong Wood Tables & Their Energizing Tablescape Counterparts

    There is a real romance to table setting, even more then romance there is a delicate dance that is done to achieve the perfect balance no matter the volume of intensity one is setting the table design for. Personally I have always been drawn to settings that allow for stellar tables to show through, such as those that lead the way in the resurgence of farm wood & reclaimed wood tables. I often find that my personal favorites are tablescapes that offer a lot of open space & actual break in design. Simply put, sometimes too much is just too much. Does however, having too much, mean you can't put much of anything on the table? The answer is no actually.