1. Why It Works Wednesday: Strong Wood Tables & Their Energizing Tablescape Counterparts

    There is a real romance to table setting, even more then romance there is a delicate dance that is done to achieve the perfect balance no matter the volume of intensity one is setting the table design for. Personally I have always been drawn to settings that allow for stellar tables to show through, such as those that lead the way in the resurgence of farm wood & reclaimed wood tables. I often find that my personal favorites are tablescapes that offer a lot of open space & actual break in design. Simply put, sometimes too much is just too much. Does however, having too much, mean you can't put much of anything on the table? The answer is no actually.

  2. Starting The New Year Off With An Honest Wedding Chat With You

    Its now a new year and as the holiday hangover subsideds the reality that you still have a wedding to plan is setting back in! Before you jump back in head first, take this as an opportunity to do a bit of planning assessment on the work that has already been done. As we go about planning, it is often far too easy to get caught up in the mini-fires we have to put out at every turn, get off track chasing a piece of decor down the rabbit hole, lining up meetings with vendors and so on that we often forget to come up for air & assess the big picture. One of the key secrets to planning any sort of large event is taking a step back from time to time to make sure your still on track and more importantly assess where you might need some help to get the job done properly. Below are few areas to aid in your review of the planning progress, helping you to get your mind back on the big picture before moving forward again!

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: Winter White Rustic Chic Flowers That Are Season Approved

    While I personally am a gal who has a love for color, especially well placed pops & splashes of, there truly is something to be said for gorgeous winter whites. Floral arrangements, be it those in your home or those for a winter wedding, run the gamete of the deeper darker color spectrum. While we are indeed reprieved from pastel colors, bold neon like hues and the like, sometimes the dark can be all a bit too much. I dont know if it is age or saturation, but I am certainly taking on a whole new appreciation for a more neutral palette of late. When I got to think about this, I reminded myself of a shoot I featured only a few short months ago, a gorgeous late fall session in a cabin in the woods that was wonderfully rustic chic. One of the elements that attracted me to the shoot right from the start were the amazing florals which are the very definition of winter whites!

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: The Beauty of Neutral Winter Wedding Decor

    I hate to be the one to point it out but there is a visual assault that starts to happen right about this time of year. The loud loud reds start to blare, the intense neony greens that we try to pass off as reds counterpart click into action and everywhere we look we are hit with a visual cacophony! Call me crazy, call me over saturated in the red & green = Winter Christmas department, but I am over it and have been for a long time. Its not to say that I am anti-red and green, just someone who actively searches for an alternative, some other way of expressing the winter holiday season. Naturally this sets one up to explore lots of other color avenues, like my dear mother who was a big big fan of the pink Christmas, dusty pink not bubble gum thank you very much! While alternative colors for the holiday season are all well and good, I personally always seem to find a neutral palette the most pleasing.