1. Out With The Old Escort Card, In With The New

    What I am about to say may make me a bit of a cad, but here I we go all the same.... I am over the standard escort cards & more so the same basic ways they are being displayed! My feeling on this particular element of decor, as they are indeed a piece of decor themselves, is that they are often an after thought, something that can be printed out on a card and crudely displayed moving guests onto the next thing. While it is true, escort cards aren't typically something that command attention, however what if you could step out side of the basic & deliver something that will be yet another element that can floor your guest, adding a killer weapon to your decor arsenal?

  2. The Forgotten Art of The Table Setting

    A sure fire element to drop some jaws & really bring the WOW factor is an often ignored element in decor: Table Setting. Believe it or not, this goes well beyond centerpieces. I wont lie though, this is also an area where the price tag can easily sky rocket. If your on a tight budget, yet you still really want those tables to sing, a bit of leg work & maybe some well crafted dumpster diving might be in order. But I digress... So, whats the big deal right? Just about anyone can pick a simple table cloth, and throw on some white catering plates and call it a day. For some, that might be exactly what your looking for, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just the same, lets head down the rabbit hole shall we, and have a look at various elements that can really bring together an above & beyond look and feel to your wedding.

  3. Combining Thank You’s & Holiday Cards

    So Truly & I are currently in a funny place, time wise, regarding the need to send out our Thank You notes for our wedding, & running into the holiday season, aka Christmas cards! In truth, we did get married at the end of this past August, so perhaps this makes us already behind on our Thank You's, but I do know couples that actually didnt send anything for a full year, reserving to send more of a One Year Anniversary Thank You Update. So, are we late/lazy, running about on time, who knows! I suppose in truth its subjective. I am sure there is some golden etiquette rule book somewhere, but I feel we all should have the freedom to make it all our own. Just as long as the Thank You's do indeed go out mind you! Feel free to yell at me for my lack of strict etiquette enforcement

  4. Paper. One of the Most Important Elements in Your Wedding

    Paper. Indeed it is the traditional gift for your first wedding anniversary, however it plays a very important role leading up to & even during the wedding. From Save The Dates & Invitations, to Ceremony Programs, Thank You Cards & so much more. There are a multitude of options to aid in your wedding paper needs. From pick & customize sites, to freelance designers, even large stationary design houses. The options can be almost over whelming at times.