1. Backyard Engagement Party Greenery Infused Organic Wedding

    Today's little gem is a siren song to everyone who thinks putting on something like an engagement party, in their own backyard, simply wont do! An organic wedding is something that so many people connect with thanks to all the naturally found lush green elements that are typically put together. Sampling an organic wedding mentality for a backyard fete is perfection when working with an outdoor living space. Fill tables with bunches upon bunches of greens, like emerald gaity and seeded eucalyptus which lines today's table. To dial up the organic nature, pair greens with earth tone natural woven chargers and farm wood table! To complete the look and set the tone while giving the perfect soft romantic glow, frame the sky above with stands of bare bulb cafe lights! Its well thought out, simple touches, that make all the difference!

  2. Sherbet Hued & Singing In The Rain Decor At This LDS Temple Wedding Los Angeles

    Beautiful soft sweet colors, set in hues of tasty sherbet lead the way in this modern come vintage Mormon wedding in Los Angeles. Carol Egbert & Josh Naumu made sure their day was a true affair of friends and family, many helping with all the wonderful details & roles to make the wedding shine not to mention providing the gorgeous reception space in her mother's backyard in Rancho Cucamonga! Seeking out their life long friends, everyone from the DJ, Event Planner, even the photographer, AlliChelle Photography, pulled double duty as a bridesmaid as well! The bridesmaids looked gorgeous as can be in wonderfully mix matched ensembles in soft sweet sherbet pastels, while the boys stuck with well fitted gray. Vintage inspired decor, hearkening that of moments from 'Singing In The Rain' filled the reception in the form of iron benches, period steamer trunks, iron light posts, even tall glass doors. I love the tradition & modern touches as well as those of old, and its clearly how wonderful of a day that Carol & Josh shared!

  3. Why It Works Wednesday- Complimentary Earthy Goodness In This Backyard BBQ Table Setting

    I have a real thing for table settings and when done right, setting a table properly and creatively as can be is practically art in and of itself. When guest are presented with the {reception} room for the first time, rest assured that after the awe of the whole picture subsides, the very next thing they are looking at are your tables! One of my most favorite boards that I curate on Pinterest focuses expressly on the art of the table setting which I have dubbed, Elegance of Table Setting. Designing ones tables for an event is a true art but with a bit of help and design breakdown, you'll soon enough be seeing the saucers through the forest of plates, if you know what I mean!

  4. DIY Wedding Delight With Bright Yellow Chevron Table Runners In This Gorgeous Oklahoma Wedding

    This Oklahoma wedding is divine for so many reasons! Not only is our couple, Audra Camille Ingram & Kendal Anson Osborne super cute & clearly very sweet on one another, they their big wedding day fete was right in their very own backyard! Keeping to a tight limited budget, our couple decided their home was the perfect spot which allowed Audra's inner craft diva to kick into action. Armed with a sewing machine, glue gun & an army of help, Audra & Kendal were able to turn their wedding into a spectacular affair that would make any budget conscious bride envious! After looking through their sweet wedding filled of yellow chevron table runners, home made centerpieces/bouquets, perfect graphic stylings and so much more, I seriously do not want to ever hear again how someone on a limited budget can not have nice wedding as Audra & Kendal's wedding is living proof that with a touch of creativity and some elbow grease, you can make your wedding simply beyond, with whatever budget it is your working with!