1. Orange Inspired Bridal Makeup In 2 Perfect Looks

    Its simple enough to throw a bunch of orange at you and call it an orange inspiration story, but what about some practical application, right?! In the spirit of our present time of a year, a time when we lovingly cuddle all things orange hued, a thought comes to mind. How does one dabble in orange makeup.... and manage to come out looking flawless? Bridal makeup can be a tricky beast at times and for those looking to inject some real color, orange might just be off limits for the timid. Eden & I have to set out to prove how very not true that is! Along with the beyond amazing Melissa Kruse, some orange crush dreams were created in the form of 2 gorgeous orange hued looks like that are bridal makeup ready! Fair skin, not to worry. Deep and rich skin tones with touches of olive, we got you too. Choosing the right shade of orange that compliments your skin tone is the true secret, feel inspired and empowered because gorgeous orange is truly for just about everyone!

  2. When Wedding Hair Breaks, The Secret To Securing Loose Locks Hairstyles

    Something every girl struggles with, whether its in day to day life, or most certainly at times when our hair is done specially for an event, are the moments when our hair style starts to undo itself. When it comes to wedding hair undoing itself, the intensity of the situation goes up a few clicks! Beauty editor Eden Di Bianco and I thought a quick guide on how to put broken wedding hair back together was pretty much essential and should really be a part of the bridesmaid 101 notebook, because let's be honest, your bride just might be too frazzled when she sees her wedding hair going in the wrong direction!

  3. One Part RocknRoll, 2 Parts Chic The Bridal Fauxhawk Braid Wedding Hair Tutorial

    As promised only just a few days ago in our Bridal Faux Hawk Braid Wedding Hair Tutorial, a Sunday treasure awaited in the form of the full RocknRoll chic bride who has sophistication in spades! We loved the mix of a wedding hair style that struts its stuff on the edgy side, all while paired with a total package the simply radiates polished perfection at every turn. We imagined a bride who flirts with the wild side, yet has a deep passion for fashion forward edge all while done in good taste. Playing up a wonderfully romantic feminine & flirty bride, we put Laurel in jaw dropping Austin Scarlett wedding dress crafted in the most perfect shade of pink. To bridge the gap between something so soft & sweet as Austin's whimsical wedding gown married with our fauxhawk braid wedding hair, we turned up the volume in the form of accessories creating the total package. Donning details like tortoise shell earrings accented by diamond-like jewels, a heavy metal multi-chain dirty gold necklace with matching jewel like detailing finished with simple black patent pumps, we brought both worlds together in harmony. The result is a look that is polished, perfect & every bit edgy without going overboard.

  4. 4 Ways To Score Your Best Berry Lip In Bridal Makeup

    As we leave the warm hug that is summer and slide into the cooler temps of autumn, there are certain makeup looks that go hand in hand, berry lips most certainly leading that pack! While brilliant colors in a range of berry infused hues is a no brainer, have you ever really considered the other elements that go into the perfect pout? While color is naturally the first thing we identify with when we think of our lips, its texture, gloss & definition that are the real worker bees. When we thought about the best ways to score berry lips, we didn't just want to toss a few different colors at you and walk away. We wanted to take it one step further and show you the different effects that stain, gloss, matte and a powerful deep lined berry lip can bring. Sure we changed up the hues, but we made a point to highlight the different ways to not only have knockout bridal makeup, but THE best berry lip, autumn perfection don't you think?