1. 4 Ways To Score Your Best Berry Lip In Bridal Makeup

    As we leave the warm hug that is summer and slide into the cooler temps of autumn, there are certain makeup looks that go hand in hand, berry lips most certainly leading that pack! While brilliant colors in a range of berry infused hues is a no brainer, have you ever really considered the other elements that go into the perfect pout? While color is naturally the first thing we identify with when we think of our lips, its texture, gloss & definition that are the real worker bees. When we thought about the best ways to score berry lips, we didn't just want to toss a few different colors at you and walk away. We wanted to take it one step further and show you the different effects that stain, gloss, matte and a powerful deep lined berry lip can bring. Sure we changed up the hues, but we made a point to highlight the different ways to not only have knockout bridal makeup, but THE best berry lip, autumn perfection don't you think?