1. Ethereal Indoor Intimate Boudoir With A Focus On Coy Moments

    There's something kind of extra gorgeous about the moments in between. This dreamy ethereal intimate boudoir session from Luv Lens was shot on location at White Glove Rentals, becoming the perfect stage. While other boudoir shoots tend to 'over do it', force a feeling and create an almost over sexualized set of portraits, the beauty here is in those transitional moments in between. The curve of the body, the shape of the hip... photographs that others might use as simple stepping stones to get to the more obvious become the true stars here. Make no mistake about it, this intimate boudoir is every bit the vixen we want boudoir to be, its simple articulated in way that is everything.

  2. Fun And Flirty Loft Boudoir Session At 253 Studio

    Today's loft boudoir session from the mind meld of florist Bixby and Pine and Samantha McFarlen is practically a love letter of confidence to any woman who's ever considered a boudoir session but has shied away. While the world will never get its fill of the sultry more sensual boudoir variety, the team wanted to step away from the standard, drifting into a loft boudoir session that was light, airy and filled with delightfully feminine & pretty things. In doing so the duo enlisted Unique and Chic Rentals to fill the room with vintage decor pieces, while Bixby accented the room with lush draped greens dotted by peachy garden roses, pink ranunculus and wax flowers. The girls were greeted by a wondrous mix of styling treats from the likes of Ariel Jennifer Taub, Le Salon Bridal, Malis-Henderson, Thomas Knoell Designs, Ella Moss, Lucy and Lyla, and Plum Pretty Sugar. If any had had reservations of posing for a boudoir session prior to walking into the room, I am sure those concerns melted away within seconds! The result is a delightful loft boudoir shoot filled with exposed brick walls and high ceilings. A sweetly bright and romantic setting that surrounded, allowing each girl to be filled with joy. While there are certainly a few shots that follow suit with more traditional boudoir, there is an ease...

  3. Sugar Sand Filled Romantic Gulf Coast Beach Boudoir

    Wistful is quite possibly the singularly best possible word I can think of to describe this wonderfully dreamy gulf coast beach boudoir. Florida boudoir photographer Remnant Boudoir was able to photographically articulate such a strong emotion in a way that not many can. While the photography is divine it is only one half of this beach boudoir equation, the other armed by Florida event stylist Ivey Weddings & Events. The overarching story line is a bride longing for her love, who writes him a love letter sent off to find him in a bottle adrift at sea. The team created an oasis for our bride using soft textural fabrics in a neutral palette which mirrored that of their sugar beach surroundings. To embody the very essence of romance, candles flickered in lanterns, a calligraphy quill was used in homage to communications of old, while a lingerie overcoat danced in the wind. There could be little better a recipe for wistful romance then the moments captured here, set in a wash of soft beachy mauve undertones, each crafted into boudoir perfection.

  4. Dreamy Outdoor Private Garden Boudoir With Boho Wedding Details

    There are so many sweet little details to today's garden boudoir session from Texas wedding photographer Pine and Blossom Photography that I am practically in a dream state just looking at it all! With only a short window of around 30 minutes to shoot before sunset, the Texas wedding vendor team, which also included florist Marion's Orange Poppy and makeup artist Makeup By Kim Ramirez, transformed their private residence locale into something right out of the movies. Set along a babbling brook, a simple table was set which featured boho wedding details like a texture whipped wedding cake topped with real blooms to a simple blue crackle plate place setting. Vintage books, along with a gold geometric piece were combined with a few naturally found elements from their surroundings to complete the simple setup, giving maximum design impact! Moss rings dotted with floral clusters were suspended from the trees above, creating the perfect garden boudoir playground for our gal. The rest was all about the easy, beautiful, and slightly moody moments that gorgeously captured her spirit. As if all of that wasn't enough...