1. The Boyfriend Boudoir, Capturing All The Pretty & Sexy In A Relationship

    You know I love a good boudoir shoot, they are my {not so secret} crack I am starting to think! I am dubbing today's boudoir session 'The Boyfriend Boudoir' Why, right? Here's my take, this shoot reminds me of the different times in a relationship where the boys {or gals} might find you sexier then all get out, making those photo memories if you will. Starting with that Sunday kinda love, where you wake up next to the person, see them in the early light of the morning & know they are the most beautiful person in the world, as they are simply them, & that is what you love. To the Oh SNAP! moment when you walk through the door, home from work, to find her dressed in her fanciest knickers, a spot of bling for flavor, having playful draped your favorite tie around her neck hiding the special parts just so. One of those moments that is so hot it forever causes a subtle stir deep inside whenever you wear said tie from that moment on. From the playful to the naughty, this boudoir session from Kelly Rucker Photography is real life perfect!

  2. Sweet Summer Country Days, A Bit of Sexy On Keys Creek Lavender Farm

    "I somehow understood boudoir when I was 7 years old. I discovered my mother’s lingerie in the highest drawer of her armoire and was instantly fascinated by the nude lace and smooth silk that slipped through my hands like pearls. Even then I knew I had come across something glamorous and undeniably chic. Lingerie has become apart of my life every since. I have been collecting lacy unmentionables since I can remember and can’t think of a better way to celebrate a woman’s body than to wear them . . . as much as possible! We love to see women celebrate their bodies and what better way to express that then with boudoir photography? I knew that for our Brides to feel comfortable with doing it themselves, I had to show them how beautifully it could be done. So, Tricia (of Equinox Photo) and I took our pickup truck and made our way to Keys Creek Lavender Farm, where we found an abandon field. In typical Stylish Details fashion, we took a vintage lavender colored chaise lounge, a thrifted bike and polka dotted slip and made magic happen! It will be my 2 year anniversary this August and I thought my hubby might fancy this boudoir session instead of paper or linens."

  3. Jessica’s Parlor Chic Outdoor Birthday Boudoir Session

    As I have indicated a time or 10, I have a real thing for furniture outside. There is something slightly wrong and completely awesome about it, especially when its lovely vintagey pieces that exude old world parlor charm. Today's sexy boudoir shoot features the lovely Jessica engaging in a bit of a birthday celebration! The mood is so feminine & romantic that when paired with the rays of sunshine floating through her hair, we see a little piece of heaven! As well, this is yet another stunning example of a boudoir shoot that is very much sexy all the while not directly showing the goods! It is the illusion, whats underneath ladies! Enjoy!

  4. Outdoor Rustic Western Feel Bride & Groom Inspired Boudoir Shoot

    Its lovely, its bright, its a bit naughty & dark sometimes but at the end of the day, its still beautiful! Outdoor boudoir is so fun to me! Nevermind the fact that I have a major sweet spot for indoor furniture outdoors, the idea of being intimate, in lovely knickers...outside...where potentially the world can see, is an added level of risk & appeal to me. It feels like the naughty factor is on high and the payoff is superb! Our lovely bride wanted to play on both the bridal as well as the groom side of things, creating a duel personality for today's boudoir feature. The lovely Star Ranch provides a super old school almost western feel to the shoot. Throw in a touch of fringe, a dash of dark in the form of black hat fascinator, a statement necklace, & gorgeous soft tumbling hair and what you have is the perfect boudoir two ways!