1. Jessica’s Parlor Chic Outdoor Birthday Boudoir Session

    As I have indicated a time or 10, I have a real thing for furniture outside. There is something slightly wrong and completely awesome about it, especially when its lovely vintagey pieces that exude old world parlor charm. Today's sexy boudoir shoot features the lovely Jessica engaging in a bit of a birthday celebration! The mood is so feminine & romantic that when paired with the rays of sunshine floating through her hair, we see a little piece of heaven! As well, this is yet another stunning example of a boudoir shoot that is very much sexy all the while not directly showing the goods! It is the illusion, whats underneath ladies! Enjoy!

  2. Outdoor Rustic Western Feel Bride & Groom Inspired Boudoir Shoot

    Its lovely, its bright, its a bit naughty & dark sometimes but at the end of the day, its still beautiful! Outdoor boudoir is so fun to me! Nevermind the fact that I have a major sweet spot for indoor furniture outdoors, the idea of being intimate, in lovely knickers...outside...where potentially the world can see, is an added level of risk & appeal to me. It feels like the naughty factor is on high and the payoff is superb! Our lovely bride wanted to play on both the bridal as well as the groom side of things, creating a duel personality for today's boudoir feature. The lovely Star Ranch provides a super old school almost western feel to the shoot. Throw in a touch of fringe, a dash of dark in the form of black hat fascinator, a statement necklace, & gorgeous soft tumbling hair and what you have is the perfect boudoir two ways!

  3. 1950s Hollywood Inspired Vintage Lingerie Boudoir Shoot

    When I received this shoot from Katherine Henry Boudoir, I got absolutely giddy! Not only is it a perfectly styled, well put together vintage shoot, but it is the perfect example for those wavering on whether or not to do something like this. As you will note, our lovely model at no time is anything less then perfectly clothed, yet the sex appeal, the intimacy levels are through the roof! You dont have to be stripped of your clothing to be sexy ladies! As I brought up earlier, women by nature and by definition are sexy! Add in the throw back feel to this shoot while still being modern and you have the total package. I should also note, the accessories on our gorgeous model were actually provided by a friend of mine at Happily Ever BorroWED, which for our brides-to-be, you simply must consider borrowing accessories vs buying (You'll save a ton of money!). Enjoy this amazing boudoir shoot, I know I did!!

  4. The Essence of Boudoir-How It Truly Is Art & A Sweet Hollywood Boudoir Shoot

    I find for the most part, women's general response to Boudoir Photography to go one of two ways. Either your met with someone who is pro-boudoir OR you hear... Reeeally?? As in the slightly high pitched judgey, why would you make a porn star out of yourself kind of tone. There in, in my opinion, lays the crux of the matter. Good Boudoir Photography is more of an art form, more about composition, then it is about being naked. When your looking at really well done boudoir, you practically forget that the woman has little to no clothes on. Its not about that. Its about the shot, the lighting, the moment as well as the celebration of the woman....