1. Sunset Bridal Beach Boudoir Session Along The Charleston Coastline

    Having literally just gotten back from the beach myself, I gotta say I am particularly taken with the idea of not just a beach boudoir, but one that features a gorgeous veil from Kelly Spence as a centerpiece. Set along the Carolina coastline just off Charleston, JoPhoto crafted a twilight vision using the beautiful warm rays, rolling surf and driftwood castaways to paint this dreamy beach boudoir session. The beauty is in the simplicity. Donning the perfect negligee that simply teased, paired only with the floor sweeping veil, Allison's Charleston boudoir was playful and coy. While JoPhoto does a gorgeous job giving us the usual artful boudoir moments, its those that take the veil out of its clean crisp environment that the magic really begins to happen. There is something so truly naughty about taking such a delicate thing as a veil, getting grains of sand & sea debris twisted within, and ultimately plunging into the blue sea with it. Something innocent all while a bit mischievous, that beautifully echoes the heart of boudoir.

  2. Beautifully Moody Black And White Boudoir

    Ok I cheated... its not 100% black and white but the few images that aren't deliver just as deeply in the moody beautifullness as their B&W kin. Pacific Northwest wedding photographer Kel Ward Photography dropped a treat on us all in the form of a gorgeously moody boudoir session, shot in home, that uses the strength & power that is film like quality. The story is simple, gorgeous Jessica captured in her own environment, surrounded by natural light, with the beauty of contrast to tell the story. A mark of a great B&W shooter is someone who realizes that they should not be afraid of contrast, the powerful highlights and the even more powerful shadows. To know just to to play with the exposure so that detail isn't lost, simply translated into a more profound way, is the real beauty. Kel Ward does a gorgeous job of bringing this boudoir session to life in a way that is so much more. I love a great black and white session, an art that needs to be brought to life so much more often!

  3. Fresh & Wonderfully Whimsical Outdoor Boudoir Bachelorette Party

    I always love days when California Fine Art Wedding & Boudoir photographer Alexandra Wallace lands in my inbox. I already know its going to be good, its simply a matter of what beauty she's dreamt up this time! What I get to share with you guys this today is a real treat! Bachelorette parties have a bit of a stigma around them anymore, often laced with a bit of dread from those who ruined it before us. Alexandra offers up a new and wonderfully fresh take in the form of a boudoir bachelorette party. The result is a gorgeous sun soaked gem filled with beautiful ladies & laughter, which isnt that what it truly should be about?? Working with SCOUT Rental Co. & Blissful Blossoms, a simple set was put together featuring a vintage brass bed completed by a few fun side tables at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard. Injecting a spot of Garden of Eden feel, blooms were hung with care around the bed frame & tables as well in our ladies lovely hair left in a free spirited flowing style by Amy Castaniero. Papercake Events brought delicious hand crafted treats along for the girls to nosh on from bubble gum pink petite gateau, covet worthy macarons...

  4. 1950’s Bridal Inspired Vintage Boudoir Session

    Moments. Any photographer worth their salt will tell you that's what it's about. Whether it's a photojournalist shooting in some far off corner of the world or an editorial high fashion photographer working with the most skilled of super model, every click of the camera, each frame they capture, its all about that moments that they are able bring to light. Married with the ability to capture these moments is the artistic ability that the photographer injects with their stylistic detailing. Pennsylvania wedding photographer Ashlee Mintz Photography has done a beautiful job bringing gorgeous moments to life in this wonderfully simple yet deliciously perfect 1950's vibed vintage boudoir session. I feel like I've said it a million times before, there is so much more to a boudoir shoot than being naked as can be. Ashlee & Brianna have done a delightful job of creating a vintage boudoir shoot that is sensual in all the right ways without selling too much. There are moments that are stunning, like the close up of Brianna's face, eyes closed, finger tips gentle touching her cheeks just so...