1. Why It Works Wednesday: Lace Panel Ceremony Backdrop

    I am always on the hunt for unique and creative ceremony backdrops. Call me jaded, but I have seen my share of traditional ceremony arches and alters, my own wedding included! There is a creative fever to the wedding world nowadays, one that inspires all sorts of wonderfully lovely and at times funky elements to be used, creating magic. What I love about today's Why It Works focus is that it is a gorgeous blend of a classic put together in a modern presentation. Lace, good old beautiful lace, serves as the wedding decor weapon of choice here. Set as a key piece to modern bohemian wedding inspiration on Green Wedding Shoes, lace panels serve as a unique ceremony backdrop. A mix of size, color, and lace design work in gorgeous harmony, crafting a romantically sweet backdrop. For the cherry on top, the lace backdrop is set in a lush forest locale, accented by pops of blooms in a mix of hues.

  2. Why It Works Wednesday: Natural Toned Lush Outdoor Ceremony Seating

    I don't know about you guys, but where I am going to put my bum for at least a solid half hour {minimum!} at weddings has typically been an uncomfortable affair. Now I understand budgets are not endless, but so often I think ceremony seating is literally the ugly stepchild at the wedding. Here, just throw some chairs over there, people can hang out in them while we go through the most important part of our day, say 'I do' & actually get married....... Hear me couples?? Yes yes people get excited to go to weddings to let loose & dance, but let's get real, the big event here IS the ceremony, so treat all aspects of the ceremony with equal importance, non?? I am not saying to break the bank on seating, but what I am saying is to carve out a spot of time to actually think not just about the backdrop/arch/chuppah you name it, but the seating options that you can give your guests & special elements that can come into play to make it not just better to sit in, but look lovely too! After all, your ceremony spot is another place to flex your decor muscles!

  3. Vintage Finds & Runaway Kitties In This San Francisco Golden Gate Park Elopement

    The drama that surrounds a wedding, big or small, is not always for everyone. Sometimes the very core of a wedding, the ceremony and declaration of love, is all that truly matters to a couple. Such is the case for Erika Wynn & Chris Leeder, who decided that while on their vacation to San Francisco {by way of Traverse City, Michigan} to capitalize on their gorgeous surroundings and elope! Armed with some truly spectacular vintage finds from a local shop back in Michigan {I.Love.This.Dress!!!}, Erika & Chris reached out to bay area officiants, Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants to get them on their way. Utilizing a pagoda in the Golden Gate Park, our couple sweetly said 'I do' while being photo bombed by a run away cat.... on a harness! Rest easy friends, the feline guest was returned to his owner, well Meo Baaklini Photography snapped away capturing not only the love but all the funny little details the day held, kitty included! This elopement is wonderful as can be and I utterly adore the expression on the officiants face while Chris is putting the ring on Erika's hand! Talk about someone who likes what they do!!! From the last minute passionate decision to elope to the their obviously stylish threads, this elopement is ripe with golden love! {Yeah I went there!}

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: Bohemian Inspired Suspended Frames In A Ceremony Backdrop

    From the looks of things on Pinterest of late, there is a serious sugar craving going on for ceremony backdrops that defy traditional setups in place of the more unique, creative & awe inspiring. Personally I adore the idea of not just unique ceremony locations but an intriguing collection of elements to craft your very own signature look. I really feel that creativity in weddings is reaching a gorgeous design crescendo of late with seemingly nothing off limits. Vintage doors, window frames, books, lanterns, bicycles, ribbon, garlands, pinwheels, you name it, are just a few elements that have taken to decorating the 'I do' spot these days. I wish this was something that was making such waves only a few short years ago, as I certainly would have loved to have gone this route myself!