1. House of Blues San Diego Plays Hosts To International Couple’s Second Wedding Celebration

    I imagine international couples face this problem all the time, I am from X you are from Y, hum, how do we get everyone in place Z!? Sure there are a few different ways a couple can go, Natasha Chadwick & Chris Cormier took the, we'll come to you approach! The couple first headed to Bali for a secluded destination wedding, then took off for San Diego to celebrate state side with friends & family. After the gallery, check out a word from California wedding photographer Siegel Thurston Photography who gieves their first hand account of the day, I wan to point out one super fun thing this couple did. Having already had their wedding cake in Bali, they opted for a wedding cake... PINATA!! I mean seriously, how fun?!

  2. Elegant Intra-Faith Persian & Christian Wedding With Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Celebration

    I have recently been getting more weddings that go beyond my religion knowledge base and as such am personally enjoying the ride of learning the ceremony rituals of others. Today's gorgeous wedding, another by the amazing Ashley Davis Photography, is in an intra-faith wedding mash up of Persian & Christian. By design of the Persian influences, the ceremony has so many lovely elements to me that I had a difficult time editing down the ceremony specific shots. The bride and groom, Delaram Saidi & John McGeehan, sat in front of a spread decorated with items symbolizing the creation of life. The couple were placed under a veil while female members of both families rubbed sugar canes to bring sweetness into the union! As if the ceremony weren't gorgeous enough, guests then journeyed over to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art where a lovely rustic industrial room was transformed with billowy draping & sparkling chandeliers! Such a beautiful ceremony & stunning reception!

  3. Gorgeous Romantic Punk Vintage Inspired Wedding In Soft Pastels & Ruffles

    When an engagement starts off with a 100 year old family heirloom {the groom's grandmother's} ring, you know something vintage inspired is in order! Kassie Ryan & Bradley Compton may not being your typical vintage couple, but throw in their natural flair for style & what you get is a gorgeous blend of a soft romantic palette with fashion flair & design! Kassie & Bradley both have unique styles and what I really love is that they took the opportunity to embrace them wholeheartedly in their wedding day looks. Bradley looks sharp as can be in a well fitted, perfectly trimmed suit for his personality with a fab paisley bow tie to boot! Kassie is down right stunning in a gorgeous ballgown like full ruffled skirt dress with a loosely pinned textured up do complete with mini birdcage veil & drop chandelier earrings! From their modern style to the romantic soft spot for all things pastel & vintage, this wedding is truly lovely!

  4. Queen Of The Night- Elegant Black Wedding Dresses With Sophisticated Style

    Black couture wedding gowns have quietly crept into the wedding world, taking a strong hold on what is fashion forward. Black wedding dresses push the conventional notion of the traditional bride, wrapping the black gown wearer in a cloak of mystery. There is a sophistication and allure that is incredibly hard to to deny with these stunning black gowns. They captivate us not just because they stray so far from the norm, but because they are equally, if not more eloquent, in their design. Breaking the mold already by being black vs traditional white, designers feel a freedom when creating a black gown, a freedom that does not restrict them and as such, works of art are born. This shoot puts together 2 stunning & gorgeously polished looks to inspire brides looking to step out from under the white veil. From the form fitting mermaid gown of a more refined taste to the show piece Marchesa that embodies strength & power, these 2 seductive looks can easily entice the most traditional of brides to break out of the white box.