1. An Intimate English Town Hall Wedding & Crown Celebration With Musical Notes As Punctuation

    Small intimate weddings can be just as powerful, sometimes even more so, then larger wedding fetes. This gorgeous lil English wedding is certainly no exception! Maria Silvestri and Joe Wilson opted to for a more intimate, almost city hall type affair, getting married in the same Town Hall as both Paul McCartney and Ringo, not to shabby in the iconic figures in British history department! Certainly not wanting to miss out on the celebrating, our sweet couple joined friends & family for a bright & airy dinner that truly allowed guests to be close with the couple & share in the creation of their wedding day memory. This wedding is clearly filled with the love between Maria & Joe, while each small detail clue into their special bond. There are some really lovely moments between captured by Esvy Photography that perfectly show how at ease our bride & groom are with one another, so very two peas in a pod!

  2. Modern Elegant Upper East Side Manhattan Wedding At The Harold Pratt House With 1920s Influences

    When I visualize a Manhattan wedding, there are only a few small variations that come to mind. My default dream Manhattan wedding is sleek, modern, upscale, elegant, classic with a bit of art deco nod. Ashley Rupeka & Patrick Mokros's wedding is a beautiful package of exactly that. Even more special is that fact that Ashley & Patrick are two very good friends of mine, and yes I had to good fortune to attend this gorgeous affair. Small bit of back story first... I have known Patrick {& his lovely sister Molly} since 2001, watching the both of them blossom into this life. It goes without saying, having known someone for such a period of time, I have seen Patrick in & out of a few relationships over this time period, none that I was particularly a fan of. I note this only because of a fun fact {dont worry not trying to get Patrick in any hot water!} In 2009 a mutual good friend of ours got married. As his guest for this wedding, Patrick brought along and I quote 'A good friend from home' I can't exactly explain why, but I thought to myself, yeah ah ha..... As I came to find out, Ashley & Patrick were actually high school sweethearts & as I watched them interact that night, I knew something was very different. I liked Ashley right off the bat and really liked the way that Patrick just seemed to 'hum' around her. He didn't know it yet, but I did. I actually told him so that night. "You're going to marry this girl some day" I told him. He smiled at me in his cheshire way, explaining to me that it was strictly platonic & that he just needed a date for the wedding. Riiiiiiight :)

  3. Polish & Sophistication Are The Hallmark of This Boettcher Mansion Colorado Wedding

    Rebecca Regan & Pete Freeman's wedding day is one of sophistication & polish. From the perfect setting, Boettcher Mansion, to the choice of pies over cake, this day is filled with well chosen classics. The florals serves as a string that ties it all together, combining more organic blooms along with traditional blossoms. While the ceremony took place in mother nature's amphitheater, the reception was held indoors in one of the mansions statement rooms. All the while a sweet & reserved Rebecca & Pete celebrated their love together, with their closest friends & family.

  4. Little Red Riding Hood Is All Grown Up In This Children’s Fable Inspired Styled Wedding Shoot

    With an almost holiday feel, our Little Red Ridinghood involves an elegant wedding for Lil Red and her groom at a treehouse in the woods. It blends modern and natural elements that worked seamlessly with our contemporary design and color palette. The open floor plan looks out over lush trees, a babbling brook, and pond. Our amazing team perfected every aspect of Lil Red’s big day. We selected a fun and flirty Nicole Miller dress for her and donned her groom in charcoal gray tux. It wouldn't be Lil Red without a splash of red so we adorned her with a whimsical headpiece and red hot shoes. The perfect make up and a simple side chignon completed her transformation into a modern, 21st century bride! Papertini hand-wired a basket filled with tulips, leucadendrons and hypericum berries and also created a simple bouquet of tulips, fiddlehead ferns, hypericum berries with a twist of red wire for her to carry. For her ruggedly handsome groom, we created our signature wired base boutonniere design and a second fun boutonniere to match her tulip bouquet. Custom flowers were created especially for Lil Red! We plucked out the center of roses...