1. An Autumn Foliage Wedding Fit For A Princess Featuring A Floor Length Leaf Table Runner

    With the stunning colors of autumn foliage just about behind us, let's hang onto those bright yellows & oranges for just a moment longer! This styled shoot is a gorgeous affair fit for a princess bride! The bridal style for today's shoot is stunning, opting for a stunning multi-tiered gown with just the right amount of princess feel without going overboard. Our bride's look was finished off with an amazing jeweled headpiece with a go big or go home attitude. The reception styled needed to compliment our bride's grand look, utilizing 2 dynamic color wheel faves, Blue & Orange with an earth Brown to ground everything. Setting up a lovely gently worn farmer table, the team created a world of whimsy playfully opting for wedgeware plates with gold chargers & parrot tulips at select place settings to greet the guests. The choice of using parrot tulips is absolutely divine in this case, as the ruffled frayed edges of these orange beauties perfectly compliment the show piece table runner. I simply can not get enough of floor length table runners & this fall foliage version is no exception! This full leaf runner is tie that brings it all together. Matching the grandeur of our princess bride, the runner offers a bit of outdoors, in, while injecting some much needed whimsy into the day! This magical styled shoot is a true autumn delight & inspiration for future fall time brides!

  2. Labor Of Love Realized In This Vibrant Breathtaking Red Barn Canada DIY Wedding With Modern Details

    Your wedding day is meant to be the vision of your dream, realized. There are few couples that are afforded the opportunity to take a blank slate, perhaps something even more complicated then a blank state & truly put their stamp on it. Such is the absolutely gorgeous case with the stunning fete of Jenelle Matson & Quinn McLean. Lifelong friends, our sweet couple took on the Herculean task of taking an abandoned red barn & transforming it into the beauty that you see. It was indeed a labor of love with almost a year's worth of work & effort invested. The result is a novel sized wedding filled with bright poppy colors, sweet gentle touches, & plenty of attention to detail at every turn. This is by far our lengthiest feature though Jenelle & Quinn's wedding could not be more deserving. Take the time to soak in not only the creativity but the execution of design. Their vision is perfectly clear to me, brought to life by so many wonderful things. Be sure not to miss out on Jenelle's Novella of the Bride after the pictorial, as her commentary is outstanding, truly vocalizing her emotions, thoughts, & process throughout everything. I am in love with this wedding & I know you will be too!

  3. Ruffles, Locks, & Gears- The Softer Side of A Steampunk Inspired Wedding

    Steampunk, by definition {I'll sum it up as the real definition is lengthy} is essentially a sub-genre of science fiction typically featuring steam powered machinery mostly associated with a post apocalyptic environment. For whatever reason, the fashion of this sub-genre has taken heavy inspiration from 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West". I for one, find anything even slightly Steampunk flavored total eye candy. The fashion, derived from a time I would have loved to have been a live in, the colors, the throw backs to old watches & the magic of their guts that makes them tick. Steampunk is a great source of inspiration for weddings, one that opens a door to a lot of fun that can be head both in wedding fashion as well as decor elements & everything in between. I do feel however, this is not a theme for every couple, it takes the right couple & the right effect to create your Steampunk inspired world to truly achieve that greatness that it can be! Today's feature is a Steampunk inspired styled shoot by a whole slew of amazing vendors, spear headed by BG Productions. When pulling together their own inspiration to guide the direction of their shoot, they stumbled upon a man with dreads which they fell in love with. As it turns out, BG Productions is a team in which one, Al, has dreads! For this shoot, Al stepped out from behind the camera to embody his Steampunk persona and I for one am grateful! The shoot is lovely and showcases a softer side of Steampunk, playing on strong colors & gorgeous watch bits. Might I also add, one freaking amazing cake!!

  4. New Modern Take On Red White & Blue Wedding With Snowcone Highlights

    Red, White & Blue are three colors that couples are willing to take a chance on, but one color at a time, never as a combined force. There is such a strong patriotic connection with this color combo that just about everyone is fearful that they will not be able to pull it off. Today's styled shoot takes this combination head on, showcasing how wedding perfect this color palette actually can be! Lets look at how these great Utah vendors wheeled these strong colors making this gorgeous shoot happen, shall we?