1. Contemporary Fresh Faced Bride Makes A Statement In A Gold Blusher Veil

    Bernadette at Dette Snaps recruited real life couple Nikki Jilek & Reid Jilek to be the focus of this modern wedding day bridal inspiration shoot. The overall feel is of a contemporary modern bride, giving a nod to current trend & style. The chosen bridal gown is one with no forced glitz & flare. A simple classic beautiful gown with a sweet heart neckline, this gown is perfect for a bride looking to dress up her look in the areas of hair, makeup, & accessories! Our bride's hair is pulled up into a Gibson Tuck inspired do, while her make-up accentuates her eyes with a soft dab of pale pale pink to the lips. The gold blusher veil is perfectly complimented by the ombre inspired statement necklace, whose beads pair beautifully with the netting of the veil. Not to be out done, our lovely bride is carrying a beyond amazing succulent bouquet which is supplemented with strong matching statement fuschias which really pop! The complete look has a very youthful fashion focused feel that any modern bride would love to sample from!

  2. Love That Spanned Continents Celebrated In A Gorgeous Chigwell Essex UK Wedding

    Lydia Orange & Dan Farrant are a truly sweet on love couple, who's love knew no boundaries! The beginning of their material journey set the stage for quite the enchanted ride. Dan surprised Lydia by appearing from behind a Prince William mask, on a beach in Thailand where she was on holiday with friends. Getting down on one knee, Dan presented the ring, proposing to Lydia! Even more amazing is that within a few hours, he had to fly back to the UK! It was a sign of his love and the promise of a wonderful life together. When their wedding day finally came, our couple had a proper English church wedding, with our bride wearing a lovely lace top dress with tulle skirting, partial pulling back her hair with flowers. Our sweet couple completed their union exiting the church into a shower of flower bits where giant smiles filled the air & a vintage car whisked them away!

  3. Bohemian Styled Shimmering Wedding Day Fashion Shoot For Less Traditional Brides

    Not all bridal is seen as lovely white ball gowns, gorgeous layers of lace & veils for days for every bride. There are many a bride who yearn for something less traditional more offbeat if you will. Brides with smaller ceremonies, even court house weddings that want to look like a bride yet have a less then classic look. Lucy Munoz Photography teamed up with Nenci Serrano from the Flawless Team to create a woodland world showcasing gorgeous looks for brides on a less traditional path. Working the ethereal magic of the woods, the contrast in textures between soft fabrics, long branches & shimmering reflective lights in the form of a glittery boats, mirrored side table & a wonderful sequin beret work beautifully together. The result is a dreamy world where fabrics gently dance in the wind while strong forces {reflective items} keep us grounded still. There are some really lovely looks for brides in this shoot, but my favorite has to be soft pink chiffon knee length dress with the rose adornment & sparkle beret. I would love to see this on a bride sometime soon!!

  4. A Bohemian Chic Canadian Wedding That Will Make Your Heart Swoon

    I cant exactly put my finger on it, but there is just something I adore so very much about this wedding. I first came across Alison Koepke & Tyler Rienas because of their lovely engagement photos. Upon speaking with Andrea of Andrea Ball Photography, I came to know that their wedding had just occurred and it was a keeper, for sure! I simply can not get enough of our bride & groom's style, from the lace dress & gibson tucked hair to Tyler's simple thin suspenders. Opting out of a traditional wedding cake, Alison & Tyler served ever tasty various pies in the freshest of fruits! Perhaps my utmost favorite piece to this bohemian chic wedding is a simple decor element in the form of lace dream catchers, sweetly dancing along the top of the gazebo line. Our clever couple repurposed needle point frames, installing mix matched lace, allowing them to hang & sway in a dream catcher like state framing Alison & Tyler during their ceremony. Ah young love and their creative energies & stylish ways!