1. Backyard Engagement Party Greenery Infused Organic Wedding

    Today's little gem is a siren song to everyone who thinks putting on something like an engagement party, in their own backyard, simply wont do! An organic wedding is something that so many people connect with thanks to all the naturally found lush green elements that are typically put together. Sampling an organic wedding mentality for a backyard fete is perfection when working with an outdoor living space. Fill tables with bunches upon bunches of greens, like emerald gaity and seeded eucalyptus which lines today's table. To dial up the organic nature, pair greens with earth tone natural woven chargers and farm wood table! To complete the look and set the tone while giving the perfect soft romantic glow, frame the sky above with stands of bare bulb cafe lights! Its well thought out, simple touches, that make all the difference!

  2. Rich Bohemian Hues Influence This Middle Eastern Wedding Inspiration

    There's simply no way you can give me tons of gorgeous organically lush garden detailing when it comes to styling a wedding and not expect me to pepper it throughout the feature! Inspired by her time while living in Egypt, Virginia wedding photographer Simply Green Photography wanted to pull together a wonderfully stylish Middle Eastern wedding complete with all sorts of wedding decor pieces picked up during her time abroad. The goal was a chic outdoor wedding with a bohemian spirit that embraced the darker more earth rich hues of the culture. Starting with a handmade Moroccan rug as a base, the team utilized an eclectic wood table to feature the heart of their styling. An organic and eco-friendly tablescape was created featuring etched gold chargers topped with robin's egg blue dinner plates, a feminine addition in the form of a lace runner and my personal favorite piece to it all, a bevy of terracotta potted plants & blooms arranged by florist The Proper Petal. With a Middle Eastern wedding in mind, a traditional white wedding dress simply didn't fit the bill, instead our gorgeous bride donned a stunning...

  3. St. Patrick’s Day Spring Wedding Inspiration In Hues of Green & Leather

    When I was considering what exactly it was that I wanted to feature today, putting together just about anything drenched in pure green seemed so very expected. After a few moments of mauling spring weddings over, it occurred to me what pairs ever so beautifully with the deep earthy hues of green, leather. Both green & leather has a true organic life force feel, when the two are paired together there is a real salt of the earth power that is hard to ignore. Working mostly with jewel tones of green, those found naturally occurring, nothing to bold or extreme, there is a certain passive feel that emotes, a calm & cozy place. Each element has a feel of refinement & sophistication, all while being grounded and wholesome. This spring wedding inspiration board serves as the perfect bridge for couples looking for style & grace all while assembling a day that is filled with personality & charm.

  4. Rustic Wedding Cabin Style At Cliffs Mountain Park

    With the rolling hills of the Carolina's as inspiration, this rustic wedding set in the Cabin at The Cliffs Mountain Park serves as cozy inspiration for those heading into cooler month winter weddings or emerging from them! Pulling from a more earthy source of wedding inspired decor, a collection of natural woods, fur throws & metallic details were intermixed to create a hearth like country affair. Florals were created with asymmetrical sensibilities feeling each space with a truly organic feel to compliment the mountain nestled cabin surroundings. For a touch of whimsy & carefree fun, a popcorn bar was set with fun add-ons in the form of carmel, M&M's, walnuts and the like. To cap the evening, S'mores cocktails were poured for the couple, complete with graham cracker rim and toasted marshmallow garnish for fireside sipping! Cooler weather weddings have a unique way of presenting us with ability to create cozy little affairs, much like this rustic wedding treat!