1. Holiday Wedding Magic At A Private Christmas Tree Farm Infused With Ballerina Charms

    I first conceived of this shoot only a short moment after Thanksgiving had ended. This year we are hosting Christmas dinner for all of our family members and I wanted to get a jump start on all that needed to be done to prep for Christmas. Naturally getting a tree was a first on my To Do list and in my brief search I quickly become enchanted with the idea of a cut your own Christmas tree farm. This desire quickly spilled into, how amazing would this sort of a locale be as a holiday wedding spot, and such, this utterly stunning Holiday wedding inspiration shoot was born! Together with my favorite duo, New York wedding photographer Melissa Kruse Photography & hair + makeup artist Eden Di Bianco, what was an incredibly tight timeline, found all the moving parts beautifully falling into place with ease, save for one Nor'easter! The essence for the shoot as a whole was organic boho chic. The second we conceived of the whole vibe for the shoot, I knew the perfect dress and there was no doubt in mind it simply had to be this one alone, the maddeningly gorgeous 'Elizabeth' from Monique Lhuillier's ...

  2. Rustic Fall Wedding In Burgundy Hues At Olympia Valley Estate California

    Rustic farm weddings are at a fever pitch these days and really why shouldn't they be when gems like this keep floating our way! Wonderfully rustic and beautifully romantic, Jaimee Froelich & Matthew Faith California fall wedding is the stuff country wedding dreams are made of. Homespun details, wood signage galore, curtains floating in the air and a bold vibrant palette of burgundy and green are just the touches that bring the Olympia Valley Estate barn wedding to life. While wedding details are what we typical fall in love with when we peep on weddings, I must say, the ring bearer has utterly stolen my heart for this one! Suspenders, fedora, and ankle high pants give off the perfect quirky vibe, but its the angelic face of delight and those blonder then blonde wisps of hair that do it for me! You simply gotta love a day filled with gorgeous faces & beautiful touches like Jaimee & Matthew's California fall wedding!

  3. The Refined And Wonderfully Sophisticated Bachelorette Party

    I find that as we get more mature {we'll ditch older for everyone's sake!} that bachelorette parties begin to take on a different form. Lets face it, a bachelorette in your 20's does not look the same as a bachelorette party in your 30's, amiright? When photographer Lauren Smith of Lauren W Photography sent along a peek at her very own sister-in-law's bachlorette party beautifully styled by Lauren herself, I knew this sophisticated take on girl's night out was the perfect representation. A focal point to every great party is wonderfully tasty frosty beverages {there are some really amazing non-alcoholic options these days!} which Lauren presented in glorious style thanks to a gold bar cart accented by metallic gold tinsel & sequins naturally! Next up were sweet treats in the form of cupcakes topped with pop rocks, white chocolate pretzel rods, fruit, rock candy, nuts, & sugar cookies. Everything was lovingly polished with greens & burgundy peonies with the pièce de résistance in oversized XO balloons! By setting a more refined stage for the evening, the ladies were able to enjoy in the spirit of what a bachelorette party is, without all the well.... usual suspects if you will!

  4. Timeless Early Fall Wedding At Two Rivers Country Club

    Not every bride has obsessed over every little detail of their wedding day since the day they were born, such is the case with Nicole Parkinson. When her day came, a stunning timeless wedding with classic details & chic execution took place all the same! Nicole & Aaron Laurin found the perfect spot where two rivers, James River and Chickahominy River meet, celebrating along the banks at the Two Rivers Country Club. Nicole has written for me perhaps one of the most honest & sweet Novella's of the Bride yet, offering a wonderfully honest & genuine account of how she didnt already have every little detail picked out years before, how they had a quick engagement & how making decisions was not her strong suit. I adore Nicole for her forthright story, as I know the truth is that so many other brides go through exactly the same thing, and I truly hope that those brides read this and realize that there is still an absolutely gorgeous wedding at the other end of the rainbow all the same! Allow the gorgeous florals of mixed blooms & petite leaves to enchant you and the chic minimal modern touches to encourage you!