1. California Mission Style Wedding Al Fresco Set In Deep Berry Tones With Citrus Twist & Pomegranate Earthiness

    If there is one thing I adore about Cali its the ability to dine Al Fresco in a gorgeous setting that samples that of the Spanish mission style ambiance. Whats more is how perfectly the creamy stucco walls and terracotta like floors lend themselves to a really rich, deep color palette as well! This styled session highlights so many wonderful ways to dress a table in elegance & refinement all the while paying proper homage to lush organic surroundings. A deep berry upper layer table cloth sets the tone, while flashes of gold are present in both the under layer table cloth as well as fat bows around the chiavari chairs. The gold serves as a much need eye pop & shimmer to an otherwise dark affair. Beautiful gnarled wood brings a real earthy element to the table, while dressed with sliced citrus fruits, artichokes & pomegranates, creating an open cornucopia touch. Unique blooms transport the table into a more ethereal feel while little details like single blooms & succulents are playfully entrapped in over turned glassware. The overall effect is a wonderfully organic, rich feeling table set up that steps well away from cookie cutter & transports its guest into a twilight night under the stars!

  2. Ruffles, Locks, & Gears- The Softer Side of A Steampunk Inspired Wedding

    Steampunk, by definition {I'll sum it up as the real definition is lengthy} is essentially a sub-genre of science fiction typically featuring steam powered machinery mostly associated with a post apocalyptic environment. For whatever reason, the fashion of this sub-genre has taken heavy inspiration from 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West". I for one, find anything even slightly Steampunk flavored total eye candy. The fashion, derived from a time I would have loved to have been a live in, the colors, the throw backs to old watches & the magic of their guts that makes them tick. Steampunk is a great source of inspiration for weddings, one that opens a door to a lot of fun that can be head both in wedding fashion as well as decor elements & everything in between. I do feel however, this is not a theme for every couple, it takes the right couple & the right effect to create your Steampunk inspired world to truly achieve that greatness that it can be! Today's feature is a Steampunk inspired styled shoot by a whole slew of amazing vendors, spear headed by BG Productions. When pulling together their own inspiration to guide the direction of their shoot, they stumbled upon a man with dreads which they fell in love with. As it turns out, BG Productions is a team in which one, Al, has dreads! For this shoot, Al stepped out from behind the camera to embody his Steampunk persona and I for one am grateful! The shoot is lovely and showcases a softer side of Steampunk, playing on strong colors & gorgeous watch bits. Might I also add, one freaking amazing cake!!