1. Pomegranate Inspired Chic Botanical Garden Wedding At Snug Harbor

    It all starts with a simple, beautiful detail from which the wedding beauty grows. Pomegranates have seen a unique rebirth these days, transcending pop culture, into cult favorite landing as a mainstream must have. While the juice is intriguingly dark, its the fresh pomegranate itself that we cant get enough of when it comes to styling. Its modeled skin in a beautiful berry tone, its organic and captivating fleshy inside cavities filled with self contained juicy bursts of a ruby hue, these are the types of elements that can easily inspire a wedding. Sasha & Kenny found this coveted fruit as the perfect jump off point for their Snug Harbor botanical garden wedding, photographed by New York wedding photographer Melissa Kruse Photography. Taking a cue from the pomegranate's organic and unpredictable interior design, Sasha found a stunning wedding dress from The Cotton Bride that almost quite literally floated on air in the most enchanting of ways. The rest was in the details...

  2. Private Orchard Wedding In The Rolling Farmlands Of Italy

    One of the things I find most romantic about international weddings it how much of a departure that they can be from ours, shifting to have a central focus on the celebration of life and the very core of the things that make it so good. Tiziana Verdenelli & David Giuntoli did just that at their private orchard wedding nestled hillside with a truly breathtaking view. Inside of handmade paper detail or stacked bits of wedding decor, the couple opted to pull from the late summer harvest, utilizing the earthy details around them for inspiration. Tables were decorated with fruits & greens locally sourced, along with the floral crown or locally picked flowers handmade by wedding planner Ferrali Wedding. There is a feeling of simplicity and all that is good, love, life and the world around us!

  3. Rustic Wedding Cabin Style At Cliffs Mountain Park

    With the rolling hills of the Carolina's as inspiration, this rustic wedding set in the Cabin at The Cliffs Mountain Park serves as cozy inspiration for those heading into cooler month winter weddings or emerging from them! Pulling from a more earthy source of wedding inspired decor, a collection of natural woods, fur throws & metallic details were intermixed to create a hearth like country affair. Florals were created with asymmetrical sensibilities feeling each space with a truly organic feel to compliment the mountain nestled cabin surroundings. For a touch of whimsy & carefree fun, a popcorn bar was set with fun add-ons in the form of carmel, M&M's, walnuts and the like. To cap the evening, S'mores cocktails were poured for the couple, complete with graham cracker rim and toasted marshmallow garnish for fireside sipping! Cooler weather weddings have a unique way of presenting us with ability to create cozy little affairs, much like this rustic wedding treat!

  4. Harvest Hue Seattle Rooftop Wedding

    The real beauty to intimate weddings, more so then their large production friends, is the ability to really truly play out the day as you see fit. Case in point is this lovely Seattle rooftop wedding from the creative minds of Washington wedding photographer Vanasse Studios Ginger Bee Events & Planning. Set atop of Hotel Ballard's Olympic Rooftop Pavilion, details were set with a sunset harvest sky in mind, working with a palette of orange, coral, burgundy & greens. An ornate ceremony backdrop was crafted with the venues sleek metal and wood environment as a design cue, utilizing exotic blooms set in systematical structure. The main table was set to overlook the Seattle sky with details influenced by daily home decor from lamp shades to wind chimes. While on a typical wedding day, spending quality quiet time with a love starting off the day is usually near impossible, our couple was able to steal away some time of their own up on the rooftop prior to their wedding getting underway. This intimate rooftop wedding is a little love note to all the special moments that couples make for one another, especially on the biggest of days!