1. A Modern Geometric Wedding With Vintage Detailing & Rustic Touches

    Somewhere along the line someone decided that you couldn't be modern AND vintage, geometrically inclined while being soft & romantic, together at the same time. There has been this unspoken design rule floating around for ages that has blindly been followed with the essence to stay in your own lane when it comes to a theme. What I love so incredibly much about today's feature is how a California crew of incredibly talented wedding vendors decided to smash that notion to smithereens! With a geometric wedding back bone base, event coordinator, stylist & florists Kelly Elissa Events & Enchantment Floral utilized charming vintage minded details from Hunt and Gather Rentals to add another level of dimension to their geometric wedding crafting a unique rustic vintage geometric wedding style. When crisscrossing different genre's of style, there is one true rule that should always be followed, keep it clean, keep it simple & keep it light. In order to seamlessly blend contrasting design types complimentary elements is the name of the game. There is a lot to crush on here...

  2. Historic St. Augustine Florida Wedding At Villa Blanca At The White Room

    Let's face it, while outdoor ceremonies certain are at an all time high, its the church weddings we still secretly squirrel away in our 'One Day' folders. While Tori Hubbard & Derek Walton's Florida wedding wasn't actually in a church, Villa Blanca at The White Room certainly reads like one. One that is a stunning loft like room with vaulted exposed beam ceilings, dark hardwood floors with chandelier upon chandelier swaying from above. In other words, a truly gorgeous minimalist space that I am positive will strike a cord with many of you! Believe it or not the palette for their semi-formal romantic St. Augustine Florida wedding started from the dress up, a breathtaking Allure gown with a soft peach under layer. From there florals were crafted in a wash of peachy meets coral hues, while navy was selected as the secondary color, pairing beautifully in contrast. The rest is a day filled with cobble stone streets, romantic details and a minimalist Florida wedding dream!

  3. Private Mountain Wedding Nestled Lakeside Along The Sierra Nevada Mountains

    If you're of the mind set that a smashing wedding filled with sweet little design details on a limited budget is something that simply can not be done, you have not yet to see the mountain wedding of Roxy Tanase & Jacob Frey. Though budget conscious weddings aren't our focus, every now and again one comes across my desk that I love to share. Nestled into a special childhood locale for Jake, the couple said 'I Do' at the edge of a small lake within the Sierra Nevada Mountain range while guests were seated on handmade wood benches from a friend. Bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and the like were crafted integrating local wildflowers while handmade paper detailing in the form of paper roses & fans injected a whimsical and vibrant touch. From Anthropologie dresses to Ted Baker groomsmen wear, the wedding fashion was another highlight, with Roxy's Claire Pettibone Clover Dress setting the most perfect of rustic boho vibe for all. With a gorgeous vista view, small intricate detailing and an eye on whimsical trends, this mountain wedding is a true treat!

  4. Harvest Hue Seattle Rooftop Wedding

    The real beauty to intimate weddings, more so then their large production friends, is the ability to really truly play out the day as you see fit. Case in point is this lovely Seattle rooftop wedding from the creative minds of Washington wedding photographer Vanasse Studios Ginger Bee Events & Planning. Set atop of Hotel Ballard's Olympic Rooftop Pavilion, details were set with a sunset harvest sky in mind, working with a palette of orange, coral, burgundy & greens. An ornate ceremony backdrop was crafted with the venues sleek metal and wood environment as a design cue, utilizing exotic blooms set in systematical structure. The main table was set to overlook the Seattle sky with details influenced by daily home decor from lamp shades to wind chimes. While on a typical wedding day, spending quality quiet time with a love starting off the day is usually near impossible, our couple was able to steal away some time of their own up on the rooftop prior to their wedding getting underway. This intimate rooftop wedding is a little love note to all the special moments that couples make for one another, especially on the biggest of days!