1. Unique Uptown Eco-Friendly Wedding With Bright Bold Pinks & Bikes

    As winter is ever so slightly releasing its grip, we are finally beginning to see spring in the not so distant future! Its almost the dawn of the spring bride, those willing to risk potentially moody weather for the opportunity to have new spring life budding in the backdrop of her wedding. Embracing Mother Nature's push toward redecorating, a group of member from the Independent Wedding Association, wanted to put together a styled shoot highlighting all that could be wonderful and Eco-Friendly in a wedding. Bold bright pink florals grown in the florists backyard, the transportation of choice, Nice Ride & a lovely polka dot knee length wedding dress, this sweet wedding is the perfect spring wake up call! After the gallery, photographer Katrina of Studio Laguna Photography takes us through the many steps the team made to ensure this styled shoot would be as eco-perfect as can be!

  2. An Eccentric Vintage Wedding With A Retro 50s Carnival Feel In Fort Collins, Colorado

    Seriously, can we just chat a moment about the checklist of awesome that is happening in this wedding?! Mix matched floral bridesmaid dress, a carnival frame ceremony backdrop, hand drawn wedding couple cartoon art, a succulent garden, various cheeky, family owned & thrift store found vintage decor touches, oh and a light blue Betsey Johnson dress wearing gorgeous bride! Phew, holy run on sentence batman, but so worth it! I am so very much in love with this offbeat wedding that reflects the couple style & personalities to a T. The bridesmaids are equally stunning with perfect hair & make-up, while the groomsmen are as dapper as ever. I think the reason this wedding reaches out to me as it does, is that it is so very clear to see who Bailie Scott & Curtis Burgess are and I love that they used their wedding a place to show case that!

  3. Classic Elegance At The Hill Stead Museum Outdoor Fall New England Wedding

    Today's feature wedding is a sweet early fall affair in New England. The couple brought 2 worlds together & celebrated both in style. Hill Stead Museum provided the perfect backdrop for this colorful fall outdoor wedding. I love the couple's idea of how they handled table numbers, though I must admit, it made my head hurt to think!