1. Modern Romantic Glam Wedding At Diamond Bar Center Inspired By Chandeliers

    Let's face it, this is the week we all swoon just a wee bit harder at the sight of pinks, reds and anything dreamily metallic, am I right!? When this gem of a wondrously romantic glam wedding fell into my lap I knew this week was the most perfect of weeks for it! Jannie Ngo & Tom Tran wanted a wedding that was the perfect mix of modern, glam & rustic filled with bling inspired by swaying chandeliers. The result is a gorgeous day time ceremony under the treetop canopy accented by crystal clear chandeliers, magically suspended glass orbs and delicately hung rose blooms creating the most romantic of scenes. To keep the glittering chandelier inspired glam wedding going, reception tables were dressed in pale pink sequin table cloths with sparkling diamond like details at every turn! This glam wedding is a lovely day dream, filled with a mix of pinks red and fuchsia, one that puts just the right amount of sparkle into the day.

  2. Wondrously Charming Intimate Alabama Wedding Filled With Future Wedding Trends

    Man O man do I have a crush on today's wedding feature which is an utterly gorgeous mashup of vowel renewal plus styled shoot with a sprinkle of a great cause married with some dynamite wedding trends to come! A creative crew of local vendors had been itching to put together a gorgeous styled shoot, primed to inspire weddings trends in 2015, but rather then host yet another with models, they really truly wanted to find a real life couple who they could bless with such a special occasion. In came Kasi & Jamey Carrol, a sweet down home, college football lovin couple, who knew the meaning of how intense life can be. I won't steal their story, its most certainly worth the read in the Novella after the gallery, but Kasi & Jamey truly know how insane life can be. I am sure the idea of a vow renewal, done with such a creative hand, was next to a luxurious getaway for them, allowing them to take a mental break from things and focus on their core, the love between them.

  3. Bright Bold Color Palette To Cure Your Winter Wedding Blues

    Winter is coming, so does that mean the pop of color has to leave with its arrival?? My vote is no. Today's gorgeous styled winter wedding comes from a team in Texas who wanted to keep the bold color palette alive, crafting a table and bride that was as fashion forward as their colorful counterparts! Working in a mix of hues from true pinks to fuchsias, peaches with spots of yellow & purples, this winter wedding table sprang to life! Silver and gold mercury mix matched plates brought a strength and counter balance to the sequin tablecloth, while elements like hammered flatware and assorted vases kept everything grounded. Tall centerpieces in a wash of lush blooms and dripping vines gave off the most lovely of enchanting feel, while mixed chair sashes up'd the whimsy. In an effort to be just as bold as her winter wedding colors, a unique braided bridal updo was crafted providing the perfect spark to our winter brides look. To finish it all off, a beautiful fur wrap in a jewel tone hue is the perfect statement piece. From the bridal style to the bold color palette, I must say this is one dreamy argument to not kiss hues goodbye as winter comes our way!

  4. Rustic Neon Vineyard Inspired Sun Valley Idaho Wedding

    Our wedding would be considered rustic, shabby chic, whimsical, colorful, romantic, and personal. Most of the flowers we used were whimsy colorful wildflowers. The location had a lot of character. We got married outside on the property of a private residence. There was an old covered wagon on the property as well as a rustic wooden horse wagon. We had antique wagon wheel chandeliers in our reception tent. All of my bridesmaids each wore a different shade of coral from dark to light to create an ombre effect. We had a unity tree ceremony. We had lawn games during cocktail hour (custom made bean bag toss and ladder ball). Our wedding reception dinner was served family style with a salad, a chicken pasta, and fresh wood fired pizzas served tableside. We had different flavored cupcakes and cake pops for dessert all served from birch wood platters. There were lots of candles and lanterns to provide romantic lighting. Our transportation for our guests was yellow school buses (because I'm a teacher!)