1. Palm Springs Desert Christmas Wedding At Indian Canyons Golf Club

    No matter your faith, the holidays are ever enchanting as well as the idea of capitalizing on such creative and festive mojo! Madelyn Cooper & Brent Johnson didnt necessarily pick a holiday wedding so much as they holidays picked them. Swept up by all things getting one's masters entails, the couple opted for a Christmas wedding, giving them more then enough time to both get married, but to also steal away right to their honeymoon. With a few key connections thanks to the bride's father, the couple decided on Indian Canyons Golf Club in Palm Springs, a golf course locale nestled beautifully right along a mountain ridge providing unique vista views. Harnessing Madelyn's love for Gatsby, the couple turned their day into a 20's vibed Christmas party, from a gorgeous jeweled bridal headband to tall stark white feather centerpieces accented by glittering gold table numbers. On the Christmas side of things, garlands of both green and glitter...

  2. Enchantingly Chic Vintage Wedding Lakeside In Illinois

    For those of you that think vintage and chic cant quite co-exist, I have a one stunning example of a vintage wedding to show just how well these two can marry up. Kelsey & Andrew took full advantage of her parents stunning home, situated lakeside, turning the grounds into something of a bubbling time warp with polished details of old. All the usual vintage suspects where present from wooden crates and trunks to shutters & bottles, it was however the elegance with which everything was brought together within their tented world that created magic. While decor most certainly sets a tone, it was the sophistication & grace that both Kelsey & Andrew exuded in themselves. Kelsey was utter perfection, something any future vintage loving bride should take note of! Donning a breathtaking Blue by Enzoani gown, it was the combination of hair & makeup along side her choice of statement necklace and one ever swoon worthy headpiece from Twigs & Honey......

  3. Sweetly Little Intimate Vintage Wedding At The Nashville Ruby

    Set with all things vintage in mind, Erin & Chandler Julian honed in on the unique space that is Nashville's Ruby to be the uniquely cool blank slate from which to create their dream vintage wedding. Armed with details uncovered at Erin's grandmother's house, decor for the day was born in a true homespun mix matched kind of way. Mixed centerpieces were erected, with no two being quite the same, while a stand out feature of old doors served as a portrait & ceremony backdrop. To complete their vintage wedding dream, a mixed lot of sweet treats in the form of a cheesecake bar along with a coffee/hot chocolate brought the guests a real down home fresh baked feel. Erin & Chandler's sweet vintage wedding is more unique then most, working with actual personal vintage details, creating a true family vintage wedding!

  4. Contemporary Vintage Grove Redfield Estate Wedding In Illinois

    Its not often that we have the pleasure of hearing responses from our groom's which is really too bad, but it seems that when we do, the quality is down right.... SWOON.WORTHY. I hope your ready because Erin & Kevin Watson's Grove Redfield Estate wedding shoot by Illinois photographer Korto Photography is going to bring glee to your heart both visually & with the sweetly stated recanted story of Kevin falling for Erin from his perspective. I won't spoil his words, but let's just say they are elementary school sweethearts, that's right.... Elementary! After reading their words about their love story & design of their day, I am not surprised that the passion matches the explosion of beauty you see. Allison of Korto Photography's wonderfully artistic style is a match made in heaven with these two and it all plays out like an editorial spread in your favorite wedding glossy magazine. Early spring setting, handmade details, keen wedding fashion from both the bride & groom {the back of Erin's dress is to die for!}, & a storybook Illinois estate wedding locale. Its hard to select a favorite moment, though the last few frames at twilight shot by Allison are simply beyond dreamy. Buckle up kiddies, your about to swoon all over this Grove Redfield Estate wedding!