1. Old Hollywood Glam Meets Moments of Joyous Laughter At This Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Wedding In Miami

    College is not only a place to learn, it often leads to not so chance meetings of soul mates, which is exactly the case with Christina Montero & Hans Reichstetter while attending Georgetown University. As life would have it, even though our couple shared a class freshman year, it wasnt until senior year, with a few more shared classes that Hans finally broke the ice! Han's proposal was completely adorable, incorporating Jake, their cat! "We were at our minuscule studio apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, it was about 9am on a Saturday and I had just woken up. As I was walking to the bathroom, I passed our cat Jake and he was wearing a T-shirt. Yes a T-shirt and it said something along the lines of “Congrats on the Ring”. I freaked out, woke up Hans, who told me to continue on to the bathroom where I was faced with a HUGE collage of photos that spelled out “Will You Marry Me? ". All of the photos were photos of just us over the past 8 years. In the soap dish was the ring, and the tub was filled with roses. Hans got down on one knee and the rest was history. It was amazing! He then whisked me off to a weekend getaway in the Catskill Mountains where we could relax and enjoy our engagement bliss." Keeping with offbeat awesomeness, Christina & Hans choose the ever stunning Vizcaya Museum and Gardens keeping to a vintage glam Hollywood meets shabby chic feel, yet adding touches that kept things light & fun for all the guests. One such act of whimsy was La Hora Loca, which was inspired by Christina's close friend's wedding in Costa Rica at which when the clock struck 11pm, tons of "marti gras" type costumes were handed out to all the guests, one can only imagine the craziness that ensued! We love this dual personality wedding, from the mega glam elements to the innovative ways of keeping it filled with joy, laughter, & love!

  2. Rehoboth Beach Country Club Wedding In Strong Purples & Bright Greens Kissed By Mother Nature’s Touch

    Weather is unpredictable and let's be honest, scares the crap out of just about every single bride to be! Like little weather channel hawks, we stalk doppler radar, praying for the slightest shift in wind that would secure us that perfect wedding day weather. Kristin Ward & Scott Thompson had one heck of a weather threat leading up to their wedding day! The morning of their wedding, mother nature was feeling frisky, actually leading to a tornado being predicted to drop! In an awesome twist of weather fate, the weather held off all day long! Not deterred by the weather, Kristin dressed in a stunning lace gown with a simple soft satin sash in champagne, opting to finish her look with a gorgeous lace trimmed floor length veil. Strong purples & bright greens dressed the room while guests were treated to custom beer koozies....you know, to have and hold and all! While the wind never quite died down, I actually think it made for some wonderful pictures, especially with that gorgeous veil floating all around!!

  3. DIY Wedding Delight With Bright Yellow Chevron Table Runners In This Gorgeous Oklahoma Wedding

    This Oklahoma wedding is divine for so many reasons! Not only is our couple, Audra Camille Ingram & Kendal Anson Osborne super cute & clearly very sweet on one another, they their big wedding day fete was right in their very own backyard! Keeping to a tight limited budget, our couple decided their home was the perfect spot which allowed Audra's inner craft diva to kick into action. Armed with a sewing machine, glue gun & an army of help, Audra & Kendal were able to turn their wedding into a spectacular affair that would make any budget conscious bride envious! After looking through their sweet wedding filled of yellow chevron table runners, home made centerpieces/bouquets, perfect graphic stylings and so much more, I seriously do not want to ever hear again how someone on a limited budget can not have nice wedding as Audra & Kendal's wedding is living proof that with a touch of creativity and some elbow grease, you can make your wedding simply beyond, with whatever budget it is your working with!

  4. Rustic Touches & A 1924 Ford Model-T Make This Purple Infused Hawaiian Wedding A Dream

    Being an island apart could not keep Rosella Leonhardt & Dane Wicker from destiny! Both living on the island of Oahu, their paths eventually crossed leaving Rosella with one big impression... "I'm gonna get him one day..." One day came 9 years later, after having been together the moment they met, yet also achieving many milestones individually! Embracing the Hawaiian spirit & beauty, they married in a lush multi-terrace garden overlooking an ancient Hawaiian fishpond. Opting for a non-traditional ceremony set up, guest chairs were organized into a spiral, positioning guests to warmly embrace the couple in a ring of love as they married. Playing on the garden setting, wanting to inject some more vintage & rustic elements, the couple utilized chalkboards, wine corks, & Rosella's father's 1924 Ford Model-T for portraits! We're loving this explosion of purple infused Hawaiian garden wedding & swooning over our groom's reaction to making it official!