1. A Colorful Explosion of Mexican Themed Elements In A Swoon Worthy Wedding Fiesta

    I must say, I got a weeeee bit giddy when this gem dropped into my inbox! For starters, I'd be remiss if I didnt fess up to my absolute love affair with Mexican food, & hum... *cough cough* margaritas.... Believe it or not though, that isnt what struck my fancy with Andrea Popp & Peter Anderson's dynamically colorful wedding! Having spent sometime in the wedding banquet world, Andrea knew when it was her time, she wanted a day filled of color, festive fun, & something outside of the box. Together with family & friends, she carefully crafted a Mexican themed affair sampling from such wonderful staples as Papel Picado, working with paper flowers & poms, bright color filled pinatas, Jarritos soda & so much more. Andrea masterfully selected & choose among a very strong color palette, diligently working to ensure visual harmony. I give big big kudos to Andrea, as working with such strong colors is something that could have easily gotten away from her! The decor elements are flawless & this Mexican Fiesta themed wedding was pulled off..... Perfecto!

  2. Jaw Dropping Rooftop Views, Crystal Detailing & Lovely Lace for Days In This Florence Italy Luxury Wedding

    I cant exactly put my finger on it, but there is just something about Italian weddings that I am so incredibly drawn to! They are inherently elegant, sophisticated & refined, while still maintaining the perfect dash of sexiness. The venues & views at each unique affair always come stock with romance on high. The wedding of Paula Tavira & Louis Oliveira is not an exception, but the very definition of a stunning luxury wedding. Wanting to emphasize crystal detailing & stunning floral decorations, Paula worked with Franci's Flowers Wedding Design to make her vision come true. The gorgeous grounds & roof top views of Via La Vedetta paved the way for a swoon worthy day that is deserving of many a repin on Pinterest!

  3. A Touch of Africa In Today’s Stunning Color Filled Styled Wedding Shoot

    "I wanted to create something vibrant in the middle of a very natural location. I was inspired by the headpieces, the colors, the involvement of the bridal party, the jewels, the gown changes and the natural elements that made this wedding different than any I had ever seen before. So, I teamed up with Aaron Haslinger Photography, Richardson's Florist, Rusty Love Vintage Rentals, Preston's Stationery, Robert Ashtin Salon and Second Nature by Meg Browning to create an editorial style shoot that brought the latest tribal trends in fashion to the wedding scene. The team was great. The models were awesome! And, the results were daring and fresh. While this shoot is definitely an exaggerated take on a fashion trend, I think REAL weddings can be inspired by it's fun color scheme, amazing stationery, and willingness to take risks in pulling fashion trends into bridal."

  4. Gorgeous Pavilion Orchard Farm Wedding Featuring A Stunning Giant Element

    While this wedding has many pin worth moments, there is one...big....swoon worthy element to this wedding! I wont spoil it, but its pretty hard to miss, and exceptionally awesome! I am sure Aubrey VanderHeyden & Jon Kohler were thrilled when they saw the styling around their ceremony space, not to mention the gorgeous barn!