1. A Fuchsia Filled Cape Cod Wedding In The Amongst The Windmills

    There is a certain mystic to Cape Cod weddings. A feel of old world and tradition. Ashleigh Carney & Matthew Carney recently married at the Orleans Inn in Connecticut, playing up bright poppy colors of fuchsia, orange, green & touches of light pink. Opting to stage their ceremony next to a stunning old gray windmill along the bay, Ashleigh & Matthew created a dreamy world for their wedding day. Playing in the sand, posing the beach cruisers, our couple made the most of their Cape Cod wedding!

  2. A Tractor Driven Bridal Party Sets The Tone For A Virginia Country Wedding

    Bright greens & strong violet infused blues create the frame work for this country Virginia wedding. Libbie Doss & Cord Doss were married on a farm, utilizing the natural surroundings for all they were worth! Capitalizing on giant round hay bales, our couple staged these gentle giants into a line, creating a reveal barrier for the ceremony, which was completed with vintage doors to either side of the aisle. The wedding party was tractor driven, while guests were treated to a Sunday bar later in the evening!

  3. A Bohemian Chic Canadian Wedding That Will Make Your Heart Swoon

    I cant exactly put my finger on it, but there is just something I adore so very much about this wedding. I first came across Alison Koepke & Tyler Rienas because of their lovely engagement photos. Upon speaking with Andrea of Andrea Ball Photography, I came to know that their wedding had just occurred and it was a keeper, for sure! I simply can not get enough of our bride & groom's style, from the lace dress & gibson tucked hair to Tyler's simple thin suspenders. Opting out of a traditional wedding cake, Alison & Tyler served ever tasty various pies in the freshest of fruits! Perhaps my utmost favorite piece to this bohemian chic wedding is a simple decor element in the form of lace dream catchers, sweetly dancing along the top of the gazebo line. Our clever couple repurposed needle point frames, installing mix matched lace, allowing them to hang & sway in a dream catcher like state framing Alison & Tyler during their ceremony. Ah young love and their creative energies & stylish ways!

  4. A Colorful Explosion of Mexican Themed Elements In A Swoon Worthy Wedding Fiesta

    I must say, I got a weeeee bit giddy when this gem dropped into my inbox! For starters, I'd be remiss if I didnt fess up to my absolute love affair with Mexican food, & hum... *cough cough* margaritas.... Believe it or not though, that isnt what struck my fancy with Andrea Popp & Peter Anderson's dynamically colorful wedding! Having spent sometime in the wedding banquet world, Andrea knew when it was her time, she wanted a day filled of color, festive fun, & something outside of the box. Together with family & friends, she carefully crafted a Mexican themed affair sampling from such wonderful staples as Papel Picado, working with paper flowers & poms, bright color filled pinatas, Jarritos soda & so much more. Andrea masterfully selected & choose among a very strong color palette, diligently working to ensure visual harmony. I give big big kudos to Andrea, as working with such strong colors is something that could have easily gotten away from her! The decor elements are flawless & this Mexican Fiesta themed wedding was pulled off..... Perfecto!