1. Late Winter Wedding Bridal Session At Rixey Manor Virginia

    A late winter wedding with a classic touch set in Virginia seems like a page straight out of a movie script. Hoping to inject a fresh take on a stately Virginia wedding, a talented crew of wedding pros got together to create! Lead by Kayla Dreesen, refined wedding bouquets and petite arrangements were put together by Eight Tree Street while gorgeous rental pieces from Bella Villa Rentals supplied a hint of Victorian charm. Northern VA & Washington D.C. area photographer Ali McLaughlin Photography was the last piece to the puzzle, capturing each sweet moment. The focus of this styled winter wedding is centered around a bride and her two bridesmaids, in elegant romantic winter wedding bridal looks. Hair is kept loose and flowing, keeping shoulders warm against the freezing temps at Rixey Manor, while wraps and stoles do the heavy lifting. Inside is a sweet little dinner setup with vintage decor accents as well as a super cute hot chocolate bar for the girls to sip on. All in all, a styled winter wedding that is easy to crush on!

  2. Holiday Wedding Magic At A Private Christmas Tree Farm Infused With Ballerina Charms

    I first conceived of this shoot only a short moment after Thanksgiving had ended. This year we are hosting Christmas dinner for all of our family members and I wanted to get a jump start on all that needed to be done to prep for Christmas. Naturally getting a tree was a first on my To Do list and in my brief search I quickly become enchanted with the idea of a cut your own Christmas tree farm. This desire quickly spilled into, how amazing would this sort of a locale be as a holiday wedding spot, and such, this utterly stunning Holiday wedding inspiration shoot was born! Together with my favorite duo, New York wedding photographer Melissa Kruse Photography & hair + makeup artist Eden Di Bianco, what was an incredibly tight timeline, found all the moving parts beautifully falling into place with ease, save for one Nor'easter! The essence for the shoot as a whole was organic boho chic. The second we conceived of the whole vibe for the shoot, I knew the perfect dress and there was no doubt in mind it simply had to be this one alone, the maddeningly gorgeous 'Elizabeth' from Monique Lhuillier's ...

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: Indigo Crushing On Early Fall Organic Weddings

    Transitioning from a late summer early fall time wedding can be a bit tricky, so how does one exactly navigate those waters effectively?  Lush pinks, billowy purples, heavy floral blooms & all things summer aren't exactly your vision, but then again neither is the dictionary definition of fall either.  While orange is fine and dandy, your not looking to embody all things storybook New England.  So the question becomes, where do you go from here for those early fall organic weddings? The answer lays across the color wheel from autumn's favorite mascot orange, in the form of blue, more specifically, Indigo.  Indigo is a rich deep lush hue from the blue family that is bold & wonderfully earthy.  Sounds a bit ridiculous I know, but what I mean to convey is that indigo is this terrific shade of blue that is deep in tone all the while retaining its blue qualities not venturing into the blue-black world.  Indigo also has a real homespun earth loving essence to it, the beauty to that fact is that the leap from color to theme is a short one.

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: Blue Tolie Wedding Cake

    Its funny how certain patterns {literal patterns as seen in china & cloth for example} we grow to love & appreciate as we mature. I can remember seeing certain designs and only seeing something old, boring & certainly of no interest to me. Fast forward a 'few years' and all of the sudden, like a veil being lifted off my eyes, these classic beauties are now something highly covet worthy and in the right hands a weapon of design inspiration. Such a pattern for me was Toile. I remember seeings yards of toile that my mom had and deciding pretty much immediately that it was clearly something that was passed down, in a no one wanted it kind of way, a left over from someone's grandmother if you will. Cut to planning our own wedding and damn if all of the sudden I am IN.LOVE. with tolie working it into my designscape! It just goes to show, the classics are classics for a reason!