1. Old Hollywood Glam Meets Moments of Joyous Laughter At This Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Wedding In Miami

    College is not only a place to learn, it often leads to not so chance meetings of soul mates, which is exactly the case with Christina Montero & Hans Reichstetter while attending Georgetown University. As life would have it, even though our couple shared a class freshman year, it wasnt until senior year, with a few more shared classes that Hans finally broke the ice! Han's proposal was completely adorable, incorporating Jake, their cat! "We were at our minuscule studio apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, it was about 9am on a Saturday and I had just woken up. As I was walking to the bathroom, I passed our cat Jake and he was wearing a T-shirt. Yes a T-shirt and it said something along the lines of “Congrats on the Ring”. I freaked out, woke up Hans, who told me to continue on to the bathroom where I was faced with a HUGE collage of photos that spelled out “Will You Marry Me? ". All of the photos were photos of just us over the past 8 years. In the soap dish was the ring, and the tub was filled with roses. Hans got down on one knee and the rest was history. It was amazing! He then whisked me off to a weekend getaway in the Catskill Mountains where we could relax and enjoy our engagement bliss." Keeping with offbeat awesomeness, Christina & Hans choose the ever stunning Vizcaya Museum and Gardens keeping to a vintage glam Hollywood meets shabby chic feel, yet adding touches that kept things light & fun for all the guests. One such act of whimsy was La Hora Loca, which was inspired by Christina's close friend's wedding in Costa Rica at which when the clock struck 11pm, tons of "marti gras" type costumes were handed out to all the guests, one can only imagine the craziness that ensued! We love this dual personality wedding, from the mega glam elements to the innovative ways of keeping it filled with joy, laughter, & love!

  2. An Eccentric Vintage Wedding With A Retro 50s Carnival Feel In Fort Collins, Colorado

    Seriously, can we just chat a moment about the checklist of awesome that is happening in this wedding?! Mix matched floral bridesmaid dress, a carnival frame ceremony backdrop, hand drawn wedding couple cartoon art, a succulent garden, various cheeky, family owned & thrift store found vintage decor touches, oh and a light blue Betsey Johnson dress wearing gorgeous bride! Phew, holy run on sentence batman, but so worth it! I am so very much in love with this offbeat wedding that reflects the couple style & personalities to a T. The bridesmaids are equally stunning with perfect hair & make-up, while the groomsmen are as dapper as ever. I think the reason this wedding reaches out to me as it does, is that it is so very clear to see who Bailie Scott & Curtis Burgess are and I love that they used their wedding a place to show case that!

  3. A DIY’ers Delight! Rustic Take On A Vintage Feel Winery Wedding

    Today's couple is too simply too cute! Ann Ahrens & John Teigland met early in life & havent let go of one another for a moment! When the time came to bring their wedding together, Ann, along with a small army of close friends & family rolled up their sleeves & went to task! Essentially every aspect of this wedding has been personally touched, worked on, created & so much more! From the heirloom brooch bouquet to signage, chalkboards galore, fabric bouquets, even the men's gorgeous boutonnieres! This wedding is a DIY'ers dream!

  4. How Sweet It Is Indeed! A Styled Candy Themed Wedding Gives Wonka A Run For His Money

    Oh my dear friends, its only Monday and we are off to a wonderfully sweet start!! Candy as a wedding theme is not exactly a new idea, however, time & again, its the execution that separates the doers from the triers. What on earth am I on about right? Ideas are great in theory, but if the taste level isnt there, the creative execution & most importantly design savvy, the simplest of ideas, do not pan out as expected. LivingSimplicity, along with some other stellar British Columbia vendors came together to create a world of vintage rustic charm providing the perfect background for a Wonka worthy Candy Theme. Utilizing a gorgeous old school floral pattern, the plates along with the distressed wood tables offer up a place for the candy dream to take flight creating whimsy at every turn. Rock candy, reinvented cotton candy, cupcakes, giant rainbow swirl lollipops, taffy, and so much more playfully join together in harmony. Vintage books & their pages are used to create a familiar design aesthetic not only on the tablescape but in the bunting as well which frames the dessert table. Pops of lace & pearl serve to soften up the rustic wood tables, giving a light feminine touch to the overall feel. Dynamic florals in strong technicolor hues provide powerful bursts of color in the form of garden roses, peonies, billy balls and my own personal OMG is that....Meringue in the bouquet?! Absolutely brilliant! I love love love the act of incorporating sweets into the arrangements themselves in a lovely complementary way! With this shoot as a styled guide, I hope to see a surge of many more stunningly sweet affairs!