1. Contemporary Vintage Grove Redfield Estate Wedding In Illinois

    Its not often that we have the pleasure of hearing responses from our groom's which is really too bad, but it seems that when we do, the quality is down right.... SWOON.WORTHY. I hope your ready because Erin & Kevin Watson's Grove Redfield Estate wedding shoot by Illinois photographer Korto Photography is going to bring glee to your heart both visually & with the sweetly stated recanted story of Kevin falling for Erin from his perspective. I won't spoil his words, but let's just say they are elementary school sweethearts, that's right.... Elementary! After reading their words about their love story & design of their day, I am not surprised that the passion matches the explosion of beauty you see. Allison of Korto Photography's wonderfully artistic style is a match made in heaven with these two and it all plays out like an editorial spread in your favorite wedding glossy magazine. Early spring setting, handmade details, keen wedding fashion from both the bride & groom {the back of Erin's dress is to die for!}, & a storybook Illinois estate wedding locale. Its hard to select a favorite moment, though the last few frames at twilight shot by Allison are simply beyond dreamy. Buckle up kiddies, your about to swoon all over this Grove Redfield Estate wedding!

  2. Whimsical Enchanted Forest Wedding Dream On Soft Beds Of Green

    Dreamy weddings come in all packages, some more literal then others like today's beautifully styled shoot from Hawaii wedding photographer What a Day! Photography! Set in an enchanted forest nook, the crew crafted a moss covered world with finer touches in sterling silver & polished gold. Overflowing florals are a must when creating a storybook setting & the team at Passion Roots wonderfully outdid themselves with Spanish moss draped chandeliers, a gorgeous abstract bouquet & a stunning generous centerpiece which gently flows down the side of the table. Our bride embodies a fairy tale nymph, fashioned with abstract blooms in her hair, & a free flowing gown which tumbles down her arms in the most romantic of ways. From golden lips to divine blooms, is hard not to dream right along with these two, the most delicious of whimsically sweet wedding dreams!

  3. Modern Southern Belle Brides With A Soft Romantic Bohemian Vibe

    Your daily dose of lovely is all cued up thanks to the gals over at Savannah based bridal boutique Ivory + Beau! The beauty of this southern belles styled bridal shoot is how they come in 3s. Three brides, three gorgeous wedding dresses, and three amazing bridal accessory designers create 3 wonderfully delicious bridal looks that are romantic & ever so slightly bohemian in vibe! Captured by photographer Rach Lea Photography, each look is perfectly polished in its own right with youthful flavor & a softer touch making each style accessible & dreamy. Whether you're looking for a statement piece such as the oversized floral accent that one of our gals wears or something more simple & sweet, the team has whipped up 3 looks that are going to make each of us swoon in our own way!

  4. Private Residence Rustic Alabama Wedding On The Steps Of Great Great Grandads Porch

    When your family's property is this sweet, with such wonderful elements like the original white wash house built by your great great grandfather still on it, it only makes sense to have your gorgeous wedding there! Meagan Deakle & Joe Cain wanted to incorporate their family lives as much as they could utilizing Meagan's family's property as well as Joe's family owned fishery business which not only provided the delicious seafood for the guests but a source for some cool decor elements such as bronzed oyster shells! The families worked to created wonderful homespun details with wood slab signs, old windows, hay bale seating and so much more. Alabama wedding photographer Freshly Bold Photography was on hand to capture each special moment, from Meagan & Joe's first look to the sweet little flower girl caught on a summer's day. Private residence weddings always have that little extra je ne sais quoi & what could be more special then so much family history!