1. Champagne & Blush Sparkle For All To See In This Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center Wedding

    Stepping away from the traditional bridesmaid look can bring about some truly phenomenal results and this gorgeous wedding filled with sequined touches certainly proves that point! Elizabeth Evans D'Ascensao & Nick D'Ascensao's wedding day was steeped in traditional while pursuing more modern takes in just the right areas. Bridesmaids were dressed in gorgeous sequin dresses, while our lovely bride donned an elegant headband, shoes & clutch to perfectly compliment the ensembles! The room at The Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center was dressed in champagne & blush tones with beautiful florals for pops of color. Elizabeth & Nick's wedding is a beautiful take on traditional with the perfect about of modern embellishments!

  2. Antebellum Inspired Bridesmaids’ Luncheon ~ The Perfect Outdoor Spring Time Affair

    I am all kinds of swoony in love with this gorgeous styled shoot! Firstly let's discuss the bridesmaid luncheon, if you have not really heard of it {sadly a tradition that has largely slipped away from us} it is a petite party thrown by the bride herself where she plays host to her bridesmaids & close friends/family to thank them for their support through out. Typically brides will host this event close to the final fitting, sometimes even the day before the wedding itself. I adore this idea and would love nothing more then to hear of this tradition picking back up again! Your lovely ladies are there for you throughout so many ups & downs, its a wonderful treat to thank them with a sweet party, to really let them know how very much you value them by your side. An incredible team of Texas vendors crafted a stunning styled luncheon, inspired by the wonder of the Antbellum era. Light lovely colors hallmark the day while flowing fabrics & soft pastel florals served up some gorgeous imagery. Never one to stray from the sweet south, treats like pecan pie & peach bellinis greeted the guests. This shoot is pure spring eye candy, the kind that makes you want to throw your own adorable fete straight away!

  3. Dark Wood, Bright Colors & Shining Gold In This Colors, Flavors, and Spices of India Styled Shoot

    I have such a big crush on this insanely lovely styled Indian shoot! From the bright elegant colors to the phenomenal clothing all beautifully captured by Brian MacStay Photography! When the team got together to craft this styled shoot, they took cues from the colors and flavors of India, saffron, curry, cardamom and indigo as well as the location for the shoot, one of San Francisco’s most iconic locations, the historic Julia Morgan Ballroom. The Julia Morgan Ballroom is rich in texture and history with its deep Mahogany paneled wood walls, glamorous marble foyer, coffered ceilings and beveled mirrors. Their goal was to highlight the deep, beautiful colors that are so entrenched in Indian culture. Taking the opportunity to play with everything from the jewelry by Reveti Jewelry Inc, to the bright florals. The beautiful beaded dress, which was designed by Swati Couture was custom designed and intricately beaded. Every piece to this well styled shoot is an explosion of color, texture and brilliance!

  4. Stunning and Sophisticated South Miami Florida Private Home Outdoor Garden Dream Wedding

    There are so many lovely elements to this blockbuster wedding I dont even know where to start! Jessica Ramirez & Felipe Fernandez incorporated some truly meaningful details into their wedding day. For starters, the gorgeous church the couple tied the knot in, Jessica's grandfather was the architect for it! Not only does the vaulted church have her grandfather's blueprints to it, but so does the gorgeous private home {Jessica's parents} which her grandfather also designed! Talk about getting married in the house your grandfather built! Through the early years of Jessica & Felipe's lives, timing, relationships, and locations were never on their side. At one phase of Jessica's life, she split time between sultry Miami and the fast paced New York City! Naturally our stunning bride fell in love so many phenomenal NYC elements, one of which being the beyond scrumptious Momofuku Milkbar cake which made the journey down for the wedding! Another NYC treat that Jessica discovered is a best kept {too well if you ask me!} secret in the wedding photography world, Kane & Social! Kane & Social is headed up by Robert Chamorro, a prolific commercial & wedding photographer, who until today, had not shared his wedding work in a public setting! Robert's masterful touch & artistic eye certainly made curating this feature extremely difficult {in a wonderful way!} and I am beyond honored and thrilled to be the one to show the first wedding that he is sharing with the world! Between Kane & Social's photographic amazingness, the absolutely stunning beauty of Jessica & Felipe and the enchanted garden world of her parent's home, this 750 guests wedding {you read that right, 7.5.0!!} is a truly divine midnight dream!