1. Beautifully Moody Stormy Summer Beach Wedding

    If there is one thing I always show up for, one thing I always applaud, its that which is off the beaten path and done beautifully! When this stormy little styled shoot landed in my inbox I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Did they mean stormy ironically? I mean let's be honest, we're all basically trained to fear the elements.... 'Dear God please don't let it rain on my wedding day', 'please don't let this Nor'easter hit on the day of my outdoor styled shoot', and so on! The reality is, if you can bear it... if you can stick around, there is some real true magic to be had when weather comes knocking! There are two things about this shoot that Savannah wedding stylist Urban Poppy did that I am IN.LOVE. with. Firstly, they took the fairly standard idea of a beach wedding and... well tossed it in the ocean! Instead the crew focused on upscale elevated detailing that created a wonderfully stylish stormy dream beach wedding. In place of your standard size table, a coffee table was used inviting guests to sit directly onto the soft sands evoking a one with the earth yet whimsical feel. The table was dressed with simple white plates and silverware...

  2. Elegant Lowcountry Wedding At Alhambra Hall With A Retro Twist

    I have a fairly deep soft spot for the south, swear I was a southern gal in a former life, with an even deeper soft spot for the lowcountry, Charleston type areas to be specific. I am not sure why but Charleston weddings seem to keep finding me and I could not be more thrilled to continue to share them. They are romantically delicious from a locale standpoint but also the beauty & elegance of the people that embrace it are utterly enchanting. Southerners themselves, Lauren & James wanted to capitalize on their College of Charleston romance, getting married in old village of Mt. Pleasant hosting a beauty of a lowcountry wedding. With the gracious aid & artistic styling of mother of the groom, wedding planner Cricket Newman Designs, the couple took the beauty around them as inspiration. From bridesmaid dresses that echoed the Spanish mass swinging from oak trees to a soft color palette that intermixed with elegant blooms & fine china details, the day had all the polish you'd expect from a southern lowcountry wedding.

  3. New Jersey Mallard Island Yacht Club Upscale Nautical Wedding

    Weddings by the water have a that little something extra special. Nautical weddings especially harness the power & magic that is the beauty of being surrounded by water. Suzi Brock & Brendon Augustine channeled the essence of all things beachy in their upscale nautical wedding hosted at New Jersey's Mallard Island Yacht Club. With a venue that offered 180 degree water views, the couple opted to keep things decor light taking a cue from beach glass hues & light billowy blooms to bring just the right touches to their surroundings. Bridesmaids donned a mix of Donna Morgan bridesmaid dresses in aptly named Beach Glass while a trio of flower girls pretty much sealed the deal in the young beauty department. Suzi & Brendon saved the best location of all for their ceremony, a cozy stone mantled locale at the end of a long pier, offering an all encompassing nautical space. After the ceremony guests headed to a gorgeous ballroom filled with brushed golds & robin's egg ceilings while tables with topped with candle filled lanterns & monkey knot table numbers. On hand to beautifully capture each special moment, New Jersey wedding photographer Off BEET Productions , rendered each special moment between Suzi & Brendon a dreamy nautical vision.

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: Lace Panel Ceremony Backdrop

    I am always on the hunt for unique and creative ceremony backdrops. Call me jaded, but I have seen my share of traditional ceremony arches and alters, my own wedding included! There is a creative fever to the wedding world nowadays, one that inspires all sorts of wonderfully lovely and at times funky elements to be used, creating magic. What I love about today's Why It Works focus is that it is a gorgeous blend of a classic put together in a modern presentation. Lace, good old beautiful lace, serves as the wedding decor weapon of choice here. Set as a key piece to modern bohemian wedding inspiration on Green Wedding Shoes, lace panels serve as a unique ceremony backdrop. A mix of size, color, and lace design work in gorgeous harmony, crafting a romantically sweet backdrop. For the cherry on top, the lace backdrop is set in a lush forest locale, accented by pops of blooms in a mix of hues.