1. Harvest Hue Seattle Rooftop Wedding

    The real beauty to intimate weddings, more so then their large production friends, is the ability to really truly play out the day as you see fit. Case in point is this lovely Seattle rooftop wedding from the creative minds of Washington wedding photographer Vanasse Studios Ginger Bee Events & Planning. Set atop of Hotel Ballard's Olympic Rooftop Pavilion, details were set with a sunset harvest sky in mind, working with a palette of orange, coral, burgundy & greens. An ornate ceremony backdrop was crafted with the venues sleek metal and wood environment as a design cue, utilizing exotic blooms set in systematical structure. The main table was set to overlook the Seattle sky with details influenced by daily home decor from lamp shades to wind chimes. While on a typical wedding day, spending quality quiet time with a love starting off the day is usually near impossible, our couple was able to steal away some time of their own up on the rooftop prior to their wedding getting underway. This intimate rooftop wedding is a little love note to all the special moments that couples make for one another, especially on the biggest of days!

  2. Electric Blue Backyard Wedding In Miami Florida

    Sometimes simplicity is the gorgeous name of the game, and such is the beauty of backyard weddings. When you look through the intimate wedding day of Kristyn Saunders & Jason Wilczek, you wouldn't even get a hint at the series of unfortunate events that occurred the day before! Upon her arrival in Miami, the couple met with wedding photographer Lindsay Collette, for a mini engagement session around the Wynwood Walls only for the skies to open as they often do without warning in south Florida, forcing the crew back to the car only to realize, in that brief time, that they had been robbed. A moment that would have devastated just about anyone, wedding bands, marriage license, family heirlooms and so much more were taken, saw Kristyn & Jason rallied around by close friends and family ensuring their wedding the following day became the dream it was always meant to be. The couple were married, not just in any church, but the church Kristyn's family had helped to build over 60 years before! To celebrate, friends and family headed to her grandparent's house for an intimate backyard wedding reception in a wash of electric blues, oranges and metallic detailing. Jason hand crafted...

  3. North Carolina Mountain Wedding At Claxton Farm

    Katie Garrity & Ben Hulkower first met along their respective medical journeys thanks to a chance NYE encounter, only to fall in love for good, moving all along the country to strengthen their bond. Now resting in North Carolina, Katie & Ben opted to share their love for the gently rolling mountains with friends & family, at Claxton Farm, a place where the world could be seen 360 degrees. A natural rustic vibe was lent to the day, from farming details to homespun touches that were truly personal and close to the heart from both the couple's grandparents. An electric palette of bold blue and orange was injected throughout, creating an energy and buzz. Soaking in that true southern laissez faire attitude, guests were invited to sip on craft beers while playing lawn games, taking in the views around them.

  4. Late Fall Rustic Wedding At L’abri at Linwood North Carolina

    Let's face it, the one thing above all that most couples fear leading up to their wedding day is weather. Utterly out of our control, weather is that one thing we feel could break us. The reality is, it often presents us with a gorgeous perspective we were too distracted with the outside world to see. Such is the case with Ashtyn & Carlton's late fall rustic wedding at L'Abri at Linwood. Like so very many couples that came before them, the original plan was to say I do a la nature under the hand crafted arbor built by Ashtyn's father specially for their day. As luck would have it weather moved in before the ceremony could get under way, forcing a venue change of indoor barn nuptials instead. The result is an airy, light filled wooden world that became the perfect locale for such a lovely totem to the day which was beautifully accented by lush fall flavored blooms from The Pink Peony.