1. Low Key & Low Fuss Equal One Awesome Laid Back Lyon’s Farmette Wedding

    Not everyone craves that cookie cutter wedding day that we see all too often. When Christi Tucay & Noah Clark's big day came, they knew they wanted nothing to do with what everyone else was doing. Finding the ideal location in Lyon's Farmette, our sweet couple set out to create a day that celebrated the guests as much as them as a couple. Marrying along a long tree branch, our couple embraced the outdoor venue, treating guests to a long tabled reception light by bare bulbs & table cloths that doubled as chalkboard canvases. The day was kept light & airy, allowing the 2 sweethearts to go with the flow & truly feel themselves on their day.

  2. Stunning Alberta Farm Land Wedding Dripping In Rich Fall Colors

    "This stunning fall wedding was held in the most meaningful, special place...their land. When Darrell & Courtney got engaged, I was there to see it. Sneaking in the bushes I captured it all. After that we headed to their land to do a beautiful tent themed engagement session. So what better place to say I DO than their land. This fall wedding was filled with beautiful light,beautiful flowers and a stunning bride and groom."

  3. Ruffles, Locks, & Gears- The Softer Side of A Steampunk Inspired Wedding

    Steampunk, by definition {I'll sum it up as the real definition is lengthy} is essentially a sub-genre of science fiction typically featuring steam powered machinery mostly associated with a post apocalyptic environment. For whatever reason, the fashion of this sub-genre has taken heavy inspiration from 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West". I for one, find anything even slightly Steampunk flavored total eye candy. The fashion, derived from a time I would have loved to have been a live in, the colors, the throw backs to old watches & the magic of their guts that makes them tick. Steampunk is a great source of inspiration for weddings, one that opens a door to a lot of fun that can be head both in wedding fashion as well as decor elements & everything in between. I do feel however, this is not a theme for every couple, it takes the right couple & the right effect to create your Steampunk inspired world to truly achieve that greatness that it can be! Today's feature is a Steampunk inspired styled shoot by a whole slew of amazing vendors, spear headed by BG Productions. When pulling together their own inspiration to guide the direction of their shoot, they stumbled upon a man with dreads which they fell in love with. As it turns out, BG Productions is a team in which one, Al, has dreads! For this shoot, Al stepped out from behind the camera to embody his Steampunk persona and I for one am grateful! The shoot is lovely and showcases a softer side of Steampunk, playing on strong colors & gorgeous watch bits. Might I also add, one freaking amazing cake!!

  4. Fairy Tale Magic Inspires This Wood Nymph Materialized Wedding Of Organic Wonder & Beauty

    Ethereal beauty comes in many forms, however I would venture that something spirited after a wood nymph is tops on the list! When I received this submission I knew it would be the perfect way to celebrate Halloween in a stunning wedding sense. The woods are a naturally enchanting place to start off with, add in the perfect organic decor elements & end up with a true place of wonder. The write up from Designs by Spring being so eloquent & detailed, I will allow their words to speak for themselves regarding the perfect touches that made this enchanted woods styled shoot the inspiration goodie that it is. I do want to point out one thing before passing the floor to them... I do love the idea of a bride changing up her look from ceremony to reception, not just in a quick change of dress, but restyling her hair & adding in some wonderful make up! Perhaps not in such a theatrical manner for every all, but hair & makeup are 2 under utilized areas where brides can change things up for her grand entrance into the reception!