1. North Carolina Private Residence Country Wedding Among The Weeping Willows

    When your family's private farm is a secret garden filled with caterpillars, ponds, weeping willows & gobs upon gobs of gorgeous little flowers everywhere, why on earth would you get married anywhere else right!? North Carolina wedding photographer Connection Photography had the good fortune of being on hand for Sarah & Jesse Yandle's working farm wedding filled with magical places & special little animals at every turn. Combine their creative shooting style with touches like tin baskets filled with apples, old school milking canisters, canoes brimming with beverages & a country craving wedding party and you have the makings for the first real wedding of the season that is going to have you praying summer gets here like yesterday!

  2. Spirit & Essence of Yosemite National Park Infused Into Rustic Red Lion Inn Massachusetts Wedding

    Points for creativity & inspiration right out of the gate! Jessica & Andrew Seraphin have a special place in their heart for the mountainous regions of the west coast, Yosemite National Park to be precise. As they begin the planning process their first inclination was to have a destination wedding among the towering peaks of the Rockies but soon realized doing so would eliminate some of their guest lists, a tender concern for them. Instead of feeling defeated, Jessica & Andrew infused the spirit, essence, & country like style of Yosemite into their Massachusetts fete, ultimate landing on the The Red Lion Inn which was the perfect place to bring it all to life! Covet worthy wedding photographer Zac Wolf Photography, carefully captured each memory, even artfully snapping moments that had a real Rocky Mountain feel bringing the couple's infusion of Yosemite full circle! Keeping true to the outdoorsy country spirit, flowers were stems of wildflower like blooms, thick cut wood slices graced the tables while bandannas served as napkins & homemade apple butter gifts that Jessica herself, along with her bridesmaids, crafted for the guests! Andrew certainly got into his country like role though giving his attire a chic New England twist in a well fitted suit finished with a sizable western-style silver belt buckle! If you didn't know that the couple were married just outside of Boston, you would easily think that their fete took place someplace out west with a mountain range not far behind. Jessica & Andrew's day is a gorgeous reminder that sometimes you don't have to go to the destination, you can bring it to you!

  3. Summer Time Country Cute Farmhouse Engagement Session Complete With Baby Chicks & Sunflowers

    I'll see your thick of summertime heat wave and raise you one cool country fried farmhouse engagement session! This styled engagement session is set in on the softly rolling fields of The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch in Arkansas. A sweet little wooden country table set in among the buttercups, chicken & biscuits with a side of honey on the menu. Vintage touches adorn the table in the form of red check table cloth & napkins, old coffee tins & a simple carafe of milk. Adorable baby peeps {how cute are these peeps!!! I die over the guy in the coffee tin!} roam around the table while our bride to be & her groom raid the hen house for some farm fresh eggs. In effort to keep things light, fresh and youthful our bride dons a yellow frock with mullet hem even turning sunflowers into a sweet floral garland headband. While the vibe may be country at heart, there is certainly a terrific level of style & sophistication that is hard to ignore!

  4. Vintage Carnival Infused Wedding With Rustic Touches At The Historic Union Mills Homestead

    When Margaret Trulove & Justin Mayberry had the opportunity to finally celebrate their day the way they wanted, they opted to sample from two fun wedding worlds, merging both vintage feel with carnival flair. Setting up shop in the rustic Union Mills Homestead, a vintage carnival world was created using old school popcorn makers, retro candy, vibrantly colored Stewarts Sodas, & more. Guest were guided to their seats by admission tickets, while the bridesmaids donned sweet floral dress in blue & red. The day was extra sweet for Margaret & Justin as they were able to celebrate it with their 7 month old son, Jackson!