1. Starting The New Year Off With An Honest Wedding Chat With You

    Its now a new year and as the holiday hangover subsideds the reality that you still have a wedding to plan is setting back in! Before you jump back in head first, take this as an opportunity to do a bit of planning assessment on the work that has already been done. As we go about planning, it is often far too easy to get caught up in the mini-fires we have to put out at every turn, get off track chasing a piece of decor down the rabbit hole, lining up meetings with vendors and so on that we often forget to come up for air & assess the big picture. One of the key secrets to planning any sort of large event is taking a step back from time to time to make sure your still on track and more importantly assess where you might need some help to get the job done properly. Below are few areas to aid in your review of the planning progress, helping you to get your mind back on the big picture before moving forward again!