1. The Refined And Wonderfully Sophisticated Bachelorette Party

    I find that as we get more mature {we'll ditch older for everyone's sake!} that bachelorette parties begin to take on a different form. Lets face it, a bachelorette in your 20's does not look the same as a bachelorette party in your 30's, amiright? When photographer Lauren Smith of Lauren W Photography sent along a peek at her very own sister-in-law's bachlorette party beautifully styled by Lauren herself, I knew this sophisticated take on girl's night out was the perfect representation. A focal point to every great party is wonderfully tasty frosty beverages {there are some really amazing non-alcoholic options these days!} which Lauren presented in glorious style thanks to a gold bar cart accented by metallic gold tinsel & sequins naturally! Next up were sweet treats in the form of cupcakes topped with pop rocks, white chocolate pretzel rods, fruit, rock candy, nuts, & sugar cookies. Everything was lovingly polished with greens & burgundy peonies with the pièce de résistance in oversized XO balloons! By setting a more refined stage for the evening, the ladies were able to enjoy in the spirit of what a bachelorette party is, without all the well.... usual suspects if you will!

  2. Why It Works Wednesday: The Paper Circle Watercolor Backdrop

    One of the hotter trends these days that I utterly adore are backdrops. Ceremony, photobooth, dessert bar, you name it, backdrops are being crafted out of just about anything and used for just about everything. Albeit a bit of an 'oldie' at this point {from a wedding only a handful of years ago} I came across a backdrop that I am beyond crushing on that is ever so relevant with today's gorgeous wedding trends. The wedding was outdoors with a lot of lovely paper details shot by Annie McElwain Photography featured on Green Wedding Shoes. While there are plenty of lovely little details done for the wedding as whole that we could get into, its the head table backdrop that I want to discuss!

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: The Minimalist Chic Ceremony

    I have said it before and I'll say it again, the ceremony setup and design is one of the more intricate and meaningful pieces of the day and it's sadly often put by the way side. In the name of budget or the desire to have one less item to cross off our list, all to often not much is done and we eagerly skip to the next part of the wedding for stylish focus. The reality is that there are a multitude of touches that can be put together to utterly transform a space. Naturally there are venues not all that accommodating to decor but such is life, however with a little thought there is always a way. This dreamy ceremony space featured on Ruffled shot by Sloan Photographers is a beautiful example of what just a few key touches can do to make a raw space, simple luxury.

  4. 9 Wedding Trends That Need To Give It Up To The New Cool Kids In Class

    Trends can be tricky, in any world. As Ms. Klum put it best, "One Day You're In, The Next Day You're Out!" It seems that when it comes to wedding trends, the length of stay can become a bit exaggerated, rinse & repeating for an almost forever like period of time. As someone who flits through weddings on a daily basis, I've seen more then my share of repeaters and as such, want to inspire a new round of hot tamale trends that will help to break the mold into a new cycle of wedding hotness! Now don't get me wrong, any trend that ever existed had a right to be there and anything that was indeed a trend was so because it was popular & appreciated. In no way am I saying any of these are ugly or unworthy, rather I am simply offering a fresh take, & a new look!