1. A DIY’ers Delight! Rustic Take On A Vintage Feel Winery Wedding

    Today's couple is too simply too cute! Ann Ahrens & John Teigland met early in life & havent let go of one another for a moment! When the time came to bring their wedding together, Ann, along with a small army of close friends & family rolled up their sleeves & went to task! Essentially every aspect of this wedding has been personally touched, worked on, created & so much more! From the heirloom brooch bouquet to signage, chalkboards galore, fabric bouquets, even the men's gorgeous boutonnieres! This wedding is a DIY'ers dream!

  2. A Phototastic Way To Let Your Guest Know You Value Them

    Two years ago I went to the wedding of a good friend & she did something for escort cards that one might call, Surprise & Delight! What she had done was found an image of each of her guests/couples, be it from her personal stock, Facebook , etc and printed them out. She then wrote the names & their corresponding table numbers onto the back of each image. Ultimately she hung them all up laundry style, stringing up long lines of clothes pinned images. It was surprise & delight as guest arent expecting to see images of themselves at someone's wedding! I'm not gonna lie, this totally played into my ego & I was like OH! How lovely! A pic of me! It made me smile wide and then I happily trotted off to my table. This is a super simple & wonderful way to really incorporate your guest into your wedding. I'm sorry I dont have a photo of this. I get an F!

  3. Out With The Old Escort Card, In With The New

    What I am about to say may make me a bit of a cad, but here I we go all the same.... I am over the standard escort cards & more so the same basic ways they are being displayed! My feeling on this particular element of decor, as they are indeed a piece of decor themselves, is that they are often an after thought, something that can be printed out on a card and crudely displayed moving guests onto the next thing. While it is true, escort cards aren't typically something that command attention, however what if you could step out side of the basic & deliver something that will be yet another element that can floor your guest, adding a killer weapon to your decor arsenal?

  4. Taking The Old & Making It New- DIY Fabric Gift Wrap By The Sweetest Occasion

    I adore the idea of working with an old shirt that you would otherwise be tossing out. Adding in some paint, easy to make stencil patterns & an adorable personalized gift tag et voilà! You just took your gift from standard to knock your socks off! Head over to The Sweet Occasion to get the full step by step tutorial & be sure to toss in some ideas of your own to really personalize it! Happy Holidays my friends!