1. Romantic & Elegant Elopement Among The Venice Canals For This Worldly Greek Couple

    Simple elopements as an option for marriage are often forgotten in lieu of a more common place ceremony and celebration surrounded by our family & closest friends. Efi Skrekou & Gianni Skrekou, a Greek couple currently residing in Germany, opted to keep the ceremony portion of their wedding simple & private, jetting off to Venice. Wanting to capture the special moments of their private day they teamed up with Luca Faz Photographer in Venice who provided them with some gorgeous imagery! The couple met with Luca at Carnival Palace where they then jumped on a vaporetto which took them to the Greek consulate in San Zaccaria. There, under the Greek eye, they made it official. The couple will be heading back to Greece soon to celebrate in a much more 'Big Fat Greek Wedding' style, embraced by family and friends!

  2. Outdoor Rustic Garden Elopement With A Touch Of Vintage Feel In Striking Purples & Bright Greens

    The allure of eloping is often a sexy idea to couples as they go through the many throws of wedding planning. There are those however, who from the start, that purely want a simple sweet wedding for two, an elopement. This styled shoots celebrates couples who opt for the elopement route yet still want a bit of design & flair to go with their day. A secret private outdoor garden table for two {seaside} with elements in striking purples & bright greens lend a wonderfully rustic organic touch. Be it the cabbage bouquet, twig love heart or the sweet pale yellow cupcakes, each touch is homey and wonderful! While perhaps eloping couples don't want all the fan fair that comes with a 150 person wedding, they fawn over the design around them. I love the idea of eloping couples putting together something small and perfect just for them. Just because a couple elopes doesn't mean that they still can't have a party in their honor! Besides, the two most important people in the celebration are automatic YES's in the RSVP!