1. Ship Wrecked Inspired Romantic Styled Beach Engagement Session Along The Florida Shoreline

    Just in time to get us ready for Valentine's Day, this dreamy sunset styled romantic beach engagement session from Tennessee wedding photographer Rae Marshall Weddings is the perfect engine rev! Set along the Florida shoreline, the team created a simple yet powerful setting that was highlighted by the setting sun. To dial up the romance, Leelee's Blooms worked with drippy greens from the rose dotted garland that lined the step ladder to the Amaranthus which was the perfect accent to the beach swept floral arrangements. The final piece to the puzzle with a loose fitting burgundy dress that danced on the wind paired with loose lock beachy hair. The end result is simple beach engagement session with a lot of heart that shows just how perfect a few key pieces truly is!

  2. The Winery at Kindred Pointe Vintage Fall Picnic Engagement Session

    I am a sucker for any kind of outdoor living good times. Packing up a cozy blanket, delicious noshes to snack on and heading out with a loved one is pretty much as ace as it gets to me. Tasha & Jon, high school sweethearts, did just that along with the help of event stylist North Star Events to create a lovely vintage inspired fall picnic engagement session captured by Pennsylvania wedding photographer Kelley Spurlock. The retro vibe to the picnic engagement session was brought to life by elements like hard sided suitcases dotted with travel stamps from around the world to old style picnic basket & thermos filled with warmness. Another key piece to the retro styling was the old style pop flash camera that Tasha & Jon playfully incorporated into their picnic engagement session, taking an opportunity to 'capture' one another, evoking the beautiful laughter and goofiness that embodies their long relationship together. Their fall engagement session is wonderfully sweet and dotted with campfire snuggles of simple & pure relationship moments that make even an outside viewer warm on the inside!

  3. Chic Outdoor Travel Airplane Engagement On A Private Florida Residence

    You guys! If you're the type that gets swept up in romance stories, especially those that involve exotic travel and passionate propeller plane departures, you're going to swoon all over this airplane engagement session from Florida wedding photographer Captured By Belinda! Kelsey & Isaac have known each other for almost a decade, eventually falling deeply for each other. As Kelsey puts it, "Isaac was my perfect tall, dark, and handsome, with glasses, braces, and an Australian accent tucked away in a gingham shirt and wrangler jeans". With Isaac being from Australia, the couple found themselves globe trotting, becoming all the more enamored with the travel life! When the time came for their engagement shoot, they'll knew the perfect fit, a chic propeller airplane engagement session! Finding the just the right spot at a private residence, the duo was able to work with not one but two small prop planes! With a couple outfit changes, the couple created a chic world of passport stamps and movie like moments. There is such a great sweetness between the two, something that jumps right through the screen. My favorite series of them all has to be the ones where Kelsey dons a knee length muted metallic skirt & sunglasses, something that reads oh so perfectly chic! As far as airplane engagement sessions go, this is easily a favorite!

  4. Sweet Summer Peach Orchard Engagement At The Venue At Orchard Farms In Texas

    No matter what your preferred style is, there is always a real beauty to gorgeously put together farms. Texas wedding photographer Photography By Gema capitalized on the dreaminess that is The Venue At Orchard Farms with her engagement session set among the shady peach groves. The sweet little summer orchard engagement session features Wendy & Anthony, settled into a simple picnic, plucking peaches from the swaying branches, all while canoodling of course! With a few smart fashion choices, the orchard engagement is brought into chic farm territory, giving a gorgeously elevated feel all while being down right homey. Gema does a truly lovely job of not just capturing the smitten moments between Wendy & Anthony but the beauty of the little details around the orchard, painting the most delicious (pun intended!) of stories. This orchard engagement goes to prove yet again that it doesn't always need to be about a big production, but about stylish choices and smart details!