1. Sun Kissed Love In This Lora Grady Engagement Session

    Sometimes its best if I just shut up & let others speak! This is completely the case with today's engagement session of Hillary Jones & Spencer Calvert. Its pretty clear that Lora of Lora Grady Photography absolutely loved working with this couple, so I will take a step back & allow Lora to set the stage for this setting sun filled shoot.

  2. A Dreamy Summer’s Day Orchard Picnic Styled Engagement Shoot

    Lazy summer days are intoxicating, plain and simple. The idea of grabbing your love, a blanket, some nibbles, then setting off to create your own little world which you seamlessly melt into. Jun Ying of Kunio Photography, worked with a not yet engaged couple to create a super dreamy styled engagement shoot. The idea is simple, but the out come is so very lovely! Dreaming of those summer's days as we speak!

  3. An El Dorado Mine & Ghost Town Engagement Shoot Bountiful With Love

    When you hear desert, does dry, barren hot blazing sun come to mind? If so, while you are certainly correct on most occasions, it also serves as one amazing location for a photo shoot! Nicole Sibulo & Neal Gregorio teamed up with Moxie Studio for their recent engagement photos which took place at El Dorado Mine and Ghost Town in Nevada. Our lovely bride, Nicole, too it upon herself to research various photographer's work to get a clear vision of what she wanted, working it all into one session. Nicole's feel for the overall shoot was a very sweet, vintage look, kissed by sun! You're going to go nuts over the gorgeous imagery below!

  4. Iconic New York City Engagement Photo Session

    I have been going back and forth for a bit now about whether or not I wanted to do a post with my own engagement photos. I have a few reasons for my wavering with the primary reason being, as I mentioned in an earlier post, it actually wasn't me that wanted engagement photos. I know, sort of surprising right? Fact of the matter was, it was Mid-November, ramping up into my busiest time of the year work wise, & I didn't have the proper time to myself to really think about what I wanted to do engagement photo wise, as well as being unsure exactly what was the 'voice' for our paper items was going to be. Truly really pushed for a photo to go along with our Save The Dates & so without knowing what I really wanted to get out of them, we decided to give it a go all the same.