1. A Model Affair, Military Style Down Home & Genuine Engagement Photos

    There are times when choosing which images make it into a post is an easy task, and there are times when the combination of photographer & couple make it incredibly hard! This is most definitely one of those times! When I first received this submission I was with one of my girlfriends & I simply said to her oh I think I have a good one on my hands. She quickly looked at the preview pic in the email and said to me, I think you have military on your hands! I snatched my iPhone back & low & behold I did indeed have smart military dress on my hands. I'm always a sucker for a great looking guy in uniform.

  2. Iconic New York City Engagement Photo Session

    I have been going back and forth for a bit now about whether or not I wanted to do a post with my own engagement photos. I have a few reasons for my wavering with the primary reason being, as I mentioned in an earlier post, it actually wasn't me that wanted engagement photos. I know, sort of surprising right? Fact of the matter was, it was Mid-November, ramping up into my busiest time of the year work wise, & I didn't have the proper time to myself to really think about what I wanted to do engagement photo wise, as well as being unsure exactly what was the 'voice' for our paper items was going to be. Truly really pushed for a photo to go along with our Save The Dates & so without knowing what I really wanted to get out of them, we decided to give it a go all the same.

  3. The Apple of Her Eye…An Orchard Engagement Session

    With a few simple sweet words from the lovely Sarah DiCicco to her close neighbor & owner of the picturesque apple orchard, & this super sweet orchard engagement shoot was set in motion! Sarah opened her home to Sara Boyd & Steve Iannaccone for a down home backyard feel. Armed with a family heirloom quilt, fantastic lighting & location, toss in a stellar old 1948 truck as a prop and what you get is this endearing series of gorgeous photos!

  4. A Homey Yet Sophisticated Engagement Session

    Sometimes words arent really needed, as the imagery itself is pure eye candy. I stumbled upon Elizabeth Anne Designs website & was met with such a soft, warm & lovely engagement photo session. There is something so homey yet sophisticated about it that makes me smile from the inside. Head over to Elizabeth's site to see the full image gallery as well as much more to feast your eyes on.