1. Destination Wedding Magic With Sandals Aisle to Isle Jamaica

    A little while back now I had the incredible opportunity to visit with the absolutely amazing team that makes up Sandals Resorts, specifically in a few of their Jamaica locations such as Sandals Montego Bay & Sandals South Coast.  The purpose of the trip was both to experience the unique opportunities that each and every Sandals guest has available to them, as well as take in their incredibly cool Aisle to Isle destination wedding program. Its true, there are a lot of places one could celebrate their destination wedding.  What you really need to do is ask yourself, do they offer you the ability to personalize your wedding in every single aspect, delivering with luxury level design detailing?  Do they afford you the ability to just show up, and actually be a guest at your own wedding, versus running around for all those last minute errands and projects like so many do??  With 18 resorts around the Caribbean, there is certainly at least one that will catch your eye, and remember, get married at one, honeymoon at a another!

  2. Sourcing Your Wedding Style & Wedding Inspiration From A Single Image

    Once upon another lifetime ago I touched on sourcing a wedding color palette from a non-wedding related image as inspiration. Its such a simple yet powerful way of going about the process that I wanted to breath new life into this idea along with how we can look for even more wedding related elements beyond just colors from a single image. An inspiration image can help you figure out far more than just your color palette, it can help direct you as far as the look and feel behind the styling of your wedding as well. From textural elements to a strong sense of theme, there is a lot to be learned from the images that draw us in.

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: 9 Terrariums That Are Prime For The Centerpiece Spotlight

    I have to say the 'F' word guys, so please forgive me.... its almost fall.... Eek I know but like all things its getting close to the time where we move into a more earthy harvest type feel. Pretty much everyone is in love with succulents anymore, using them in everything from bouquets to centerpieces to escort cards, they have emerged as the earth friendly calling card of the wedding world. While their place is firmly cemented, there are arrangements that are gaining in popularity as well, even featuring a succulent or two, that are truly magical... terrariums. Otherwise known as self contained little worlds, terrariums are uniquely cool thanks to their invisible barrier wall that allows a peek into a natural setting. Mixes of moss, stones, sand, succulents, air plants and so forth are placed together creating something beyond lovely. They work so damn well thanks to their view into something that we are otherwise not exposed to, the layers of earthy & green that make up our natural world. Naturally terrariums evoke a warm earthy organic feel but they also have an element of whimsy working for them.

  4. The 2 Step Secret To Your Most Beautiful Wedding Day Smile

    It finally happens. The moment is here. He drops to one knee and a breathless yes tumbles from your lips. If you are anything like me, immediately following the moment, you wore a full on smile to the point of your cheeks aching with glee! The adventure beings in so many ways with one simple question. As you’re swept into a world of all things bridal it’s easy to get caught up in all the madness that is wedding planning, sometimes forgetting the smaller details. One detail however, is major and never leaves you, so make sure the element that will lead you through it all, is well prepared… your smile!