1. A Technicolor Stunner Complete With Food Trucks, Rainbows & Superheros!

    I have a special Monday morning treat for everyone! This gorgeous wedding is light, bright & chalk full of stunning colors to wake up your senses! Larissa Carter & Tony Smith put on one lovely affair out at the South Coast Botanic Gardens in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Larissa & Tony achieved a feat not always easy to meet, creating a down home slightly rustic wedding complete with mason jar escort cards, seed box planters, & an outdoor reception with perfectly styled lanterns all the while keeping it classic & elegant. While those components are wonderful, its the In & Out Burger & CoolHaus food trucks that take this wedding to a whole new level, never mind the stunning sunset....rainbow! Oh & just a heads up, the groom & his men have a bit of a surprise for our bride! I love it!

  2. Floralspiration-Creams With A Hint of Well Placed Deep Purples

    I love flowers. I love looking at them, planting them, having them in my house, you name it. I could easily look through floral photography for hours. I'll totally out myself, I've been known to sit at my Grandmother-In-Laws house and leaf through her bulb catalogs, I'm not kidding either. I hope to more frequently & consistently bring you guys amazing arrangements & bouquets complete with floral identification as nothing bothers me more then not pointing out what things are. I am working toward a few great florist partnerships, so hopefully I will get this rolling soon. If your a florist reading this & are interested, please email me. So lets get to the goods right? Today I want to feature a lovely bouquet that showcases soft creams while incorporating deep purples.

  3. I Love A Good Mess- Textured Hair Styles

    Its true, I totally do. Whenever someone is able to pull off a look, be it simply clothing based, hair, make-up you name it, with that freshly disheveled looked, I am in awe & a wee bit jealous. I always feel I just look....well... messy. I have a good girlfriend who I swear to God has the most amazing I just got rocked in bed hair & she doesnt even do it on purpose and its AMAZING! Sigh... waxing poetic here... Anywho, one of the key elements of a good mess, at least as fair as hair goes, is texture. I LOVE texture in hair. Typically texture in hair is achieved by some kind of curl, wave, kink, you name it and a bit of mussing about with the hair. Maybe a dab of product on your fingers as they rustle through your hair, or a good ol'fashion hair tease, either way, this well formed hair torture leads to some overall amazing looks.

  4. Step Outside of The Wedding Inspiration Box

    Yes this can easily reflect the typical meaning of wedding planning & ideas that arent so run of the mill. However in this case, I am actually referring to inspiration! Everyone peruses the steady flow of wedding blogs, wedding magazines, wedding inspiration galleries, etc etc etc to find great ideas for their own weddings. While that is absolutely wonderful & spot on, you might have realized by now, your starting to see a LOT of the same. Now of course there isn't anything wrong with that, but sometimes it can feel a bit incestuous & you might find yourself yearning for something fresh new & exciting! While these inspiration sensation places wont spoon feed you your entire wedding, the below suggestions are hot beds for various elements to help you complete the over all day!