1. The Jimmy Cake Makes A Come Back! Who Knew Sprinkles Could Be So Upscale!?

    As Truly and I were back in Vermont this last week for a time of leisure, it was a no brainer to visit our absolute favorite baker man...er woman that is! I wont even pretend... Truly & I have THE biggest foodie crush on Jenn of Birchgrove Bakery. We came to know of Jenn when we were doing our rounds trying to find the perfect baker for our cake. Jenn just happened to be the very first stop on our cake tasting tour & she pretty much ruined anyone else chances right out of the gate! The bar was set so damn high it was pretty impossible for anyone to come close. Not to mention that Jenn is just down right lovely & a pleasure to talk to.

  2. Classic Elegance At The Hill Stead Museum Outdoor Fall New England Wedding

    Today's feature wedding is a sweet early fall affair in New England. The couple brought 2 worlds together & celebrated both in style. Hill Stead Museum provided the perfect backdrop for this colorful fall outdoor wedding. I love the couple's idea of how they handled table numbers, though I must admit, it made my head hurt to think!

  3. A Dreamy Summer’s Day Orchard Picnic Styled Engagement Shoot

    Lazy summer days are intoxicating, plain and simple. The idea of grabbing your love, a blanket, some nibbles, then setting off to create your own little world which you seamlessly melt into. Jun Ying of Kunio Photography, worked with a not yet engaged couple to create a super dreamy styled engagement shoot. The idea is simple, but the out come is so very lovely! Dreaming of those summer's days as we speak!

  4. Bridal Portrait Series: Soft Summers Day, Ponies & Sunshine

    Personally I think bridal portraits are an often over looked piece to the entire wedding photo ensemble. Typically a few great shots are included into an entire feature post. I love bridal portraits and I am going to be featuring some great sessions as they come across my path. Brides are gorgeous by nature & there is no reason not to feature them in all their glory & beauty. There is a lot that other brides-to-be can learn from looking through bridal portraits. Brides can understand what poses work, how to appear at ease in front of the camera, how well whole hearted smiling pays off, etc. As Ms. Tyra Banks says, you must study those before you to be able to bring it when your time comes.... er something like that ;)