1. Bridal Portrait Series: Soft Summers Day, Ponies & Sunshine

    Personally I think bridal portraits are an often over looked piece to the entire wedding photo ensemble. Typically a few great shots are included into an entire feature post. I love bridal portraits and I am going to be featuring some great sessions as they come across my path. Brides are gorgeous by nature & there is no reason not to feature them in all their glory & beauty. There is a lot that other brides-to-be can learn from looking through bridal portraits. Brides can understand what poses work, how to appear at ease in front of the camera, how well whole hearted smiling pays off, etc. As Ms. Tyra Banks says, you must study those before you to be able to bring it when your time comes.... er something like that ;)

  2. Rustic Elegance In This Country Cornfield Wedding Complete With Rain Drops & Chandeliers

    Little known fact, believe it or not, I grew up on a farm. I have a special kinship & draw to lovely farm weddings as a result. Today's wedding has some pretty wonderful details but its things that you dont see on paper that really make this wedding so lovely! Firstly, check out that sky at the ceremony! While it makes for some amazing lighting in the photographs, I really applaud the guests for holding strong facing some pretty ammonius skies! Additionally this wedding was a big family affair with everyone helping out to make for such a wonderful day! The day came together beautifully, & the bride looks gorgeous and I love the back of her dress!

  3. An El Dorado Mine & Ghost Town Engagement Shoot Bountiful With Love

    When you hear desert, does dry, barren hot blazing sun come to mind? If so, while you are certainly correct on most occasions, it also serves as one amazing location for a photo shoot! Nicole Sibulo & Neal Gregorio teamed up with Moxie Studio for their recent engagement photos which took place at El Dorado Mine and Ghost Town in Nevada. Our lovely bride, Nicole, too it upon herself to research various photographer's work to get a clear vision of what she wanted, working it all into one session. Nicole's feel for the overall shoot was a very sweet, vintage look, kissed by sun! You're going to go nuts over the gorgeous imagery below!

  4. An Untapped World of Awesome….Adult Popsicles!!!!

    Thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest I have come across something completely yummy & super exciting, at least in my eyes... Adult Popsicles!!! Adult you say?! How so? Well its all the wonderful yumminess of homemade popsicles, created with fresh fruit, juices, you name it..... combined with frosty beverages!! Yes thats right, spirit filed frozen fabulousness!