1. Step Outside of The Wedding Inspiration Box

    Yes this can easily reflect the typical meaning of wedding planning & ideas that arent so run of the mill. However in this case, I am actually referring to inspiration! Everyone peruses the steady flow of wedding blogs, wedding magazines, wedding inspiration galleries, etc etc etc to find great ideas for their own weddings. While that is absolutely wonderful & spot on, you might have realized by now, your starting to see a LOT of the same. Now of course there isn't anything wrong with that, but sometimes it can feel a bit incestuous & you might find yourself yearning for something fresh new & exciting! While these inspiration sensation places wont spoon feed you your entire wedding, the below suggestions are hot beds for various elements to help you complete the over all day!

  2. Lifting The Veil On Traditional White, Black Birdcage Veils

    Judging by the amount of hits I continue to get on my November post regarding Black Wedding Dresses, lots of you are at the minimum, very curious about wedding attire that is outside the lines of standard tradition. Personally I love this trend. I love anything that is willing to push some boundaries & shake things up. Though I didnt personally sport a black dress, that doesnt make me appreciate black gowns or black accents any less.

  3. Sample Wedding Dresses versus The Real Deal

    You go into a bridal salon, you try on dresses. Some you love, some you cant get out of fast enough. Eventually you find 'The One' & your search is finally over with a major checklist To-Do now crossed off. You wait close to 9 months to see the dress again, much like the amount of time waiting for a baby to mature & suddenly your filled with anxiety all over again about your dress. Did you make the right choice? Will you still like today what you liked so many months ago? What if the vision of your wedding has changed since you started out and as such your dress no longer fits into that vibe? What the hell does it even look like?! Take a step back..... BREATHE. Its going to be O.K. I know, I went through this too.

  4. Can A Ceremony Spot Stop Your Heart?

    Let's all just take a moment to really soak in the beauty of what we are looking at here.... Ok, caught your breathe yet? When I came across this gem, thanks to Calligraphy by Jennifer, I literally felt a bit like I got the wind knocked out of me! As regards my own personal wedding, I feel we really delivered one hell of a wedding that was styled to the T. Therefore there really arent many other weddings that I....well....get jealous of. Then I saw this....Hot Damn that entire ceremony spot/set up is AMAZING. Let's chat about why this set up delivers such an impactful punch shall we!